My uncles bar

When I was 22 years old, I started working in my uncles bar. After taking a week long class and spending a couple weeks tending bar with my uncle, he started letting me tend bar by myself. It was a small bar, in a small rural town. Several of the local women were notorious booze whores, and would do just about anything for a free drink. One night I remember quite well, I had two women behind the bar, down on their knees, taking turns blowing my cock and sucking my balls. My uncle came into the bar and walked up next to me, behind the bar. I knew I was busted and figured I was in for a royal ass chewing, or maybe even getting fired. He asked how business was and I said it was kind of slow that night. He looked down at the two women and unzipped his pants and pulled out his pecker. One of the girls quickly took his cock into her mouth. My uncle then told me that he had been doing this for years and that it was okay as long as I didn't let it cut into his profits too much, and I didn't let my aunt find out about it. I worked there for four years, and frequently busted three or four nuts a night behind the bar, or in the back store room. Damn I miss that job.

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  • How rude.

  • Bartenders get laid all the time. Alcohol is a drug and alkie women will like you described do anything for a free drink.

  • Similar for me but I am a woman. So many guys would it on me and for a 21 year old shy girl it was a huge ego boost. I started dressing sexy and showing more cleavage or legs and the compliments were awesome. I got picked up by some really hot customers. I stopped after a scare one night, I was picked up by a really hot guy and his friends after I was out, it was a popular hotel bar, we went to a club and I got drunk and the guy took me to his back seat and we had sex. When he was finished he got up and got out of the car while I was still naked and another friend of his got in the car and started kissing me and I had sex with him, too. I told him no more friends and he laughed and opened the door as I was trying to get dressed and another guy tried getting in the backseat but he told him I said no more and the guy was angry and wanted to rape me. After that, I was a scared to ever do it again.

  • Wow, how many other friends were waiting in line?

  • Many bars or food service businesses have this going on. I used to work as a waitress, and things get "loose" with the regulars.

  • Very true..I'm a regular at a local sports bar, and have had several current and former employees. Or, in a few cases, just a thank you for all you do bj. Had that one night with a current (and the top, blonde bombshell) bartender. She was off and out with her friends, sat next to me, was a bit hammered, and jokingly bit me on the arm and chest.

    "I'm a biter!" she laughed. The friends kept to themselves, and I had her all to myself. We're having a few and doing well, and I went outside with her so she could smoke a cig. That became her thanking me for everything, this and that, and an awesome bj in her suv (very roomy).

    Other than her, most have been hostesses or servers who I've given rides home, helped out financially, or just been nice to. Kept one creepy guy away from a hot, petite hostess who kept bothering her, and I "got rewarded" for my good deed.

  • Can you share a few stories?

  • Did it bother you that your Uncle was cheating on your Aunt?

    Hot story.

  • Didn't so much bother me as it did surprise me. My uncle is a very respected businessman in this area.

  • Sounds like a sweet job. I am a HVAC repairman with my own business and have had a few great sexual trades over the years.

  • No kidding. I am an HVAC svc guy as well. Im fit and told good looking but I only was had a minor incident. You must be the magic man !

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