I got chatting to a girl a month or so ago and I really like her. I asked her out for a date and we got on so well. The end of the night came and I walked her home. I went to kiss her good night and she said no come in, so I did.
We had some more to drink and we started kissing and touching eachother. I was playing with her tits that were amazing. She ran her hand over my hard cock and balls and she said she would love to try that. I'm a bloke so I went to her bedroom feeling really good. She stripped me off and I was there naked with her hand around my cock stroking me. She pushed me onto her bed and took me into her hot mouth. She stopped and said wait there and she started to undress. She asked me to undo her bra as she had her back to me her bra fell to the floor. Still with her back to me she bent over and pulled her knickers down and said shut your eyes and keep them shut. I did and her panties went into my mouth. I was there with her hands on either side of my head and her panties in my mouth. Relax she said so I did. Open your mouth a little I'm going to push more of my panties into your mouth. I felt her pushing them in and then realised she was still hold my head with both hands, by now my mouth was quite full.
I opened my eyes to find she had a cock and most of it was in my mouth!!!
I had no idea she had a cock! I froze still with her cock in my mouth. I thought for a minute she said its ok do what you're comfortable with. I moved back and took her knickers out the way and look at her. I told her how long I had waited to take her out, but you got a cock!! She said yes I do and you had it in your mouth and you liked it didn't you. I did kind of yes.
I look at her face and thought fuck it so I sucked her until she spanked in my mouth she sucked me and then slipped me into her ass and we fucked until I shot my load into her ass

11 months ago

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