Lock down paradise

I don't want lick down to end I'm 36 yo woman and a teacher I've been in my element.
Most of the time I'm teaching a young man of 13 and every day for 8 weeks I've had at least one lesson alone with him.

I wanted him to know I liked him so I started wearing daring clothes, on the first week it wasn't enough so I up my game I got a see through blouse and put it in my bag I changed just before our class and took my bra off, so now he could see my tits quite clearly, I also was wearing a mini skirt folded the top so half my of my bum was actually showing and took off my knickers/thongs'.

I positioned were he was to sit so he had a great view of me and under my desk!

He could quite clearly see everything and he was enjoying it!
On the first day this was all we did, by Tuesday I was frustrated, I gave him his work sat at my desk and started touching myself 5 minutes in to the lesson!
I just stared straight at him, I was playing with my fanny every time he looked up I licked my lips,
I noticed his hands down his trousers, finally he was struggling so he discreetly got it out and started wanking slowly.

I went over to the door and locked it.
I pulled my skirt up a bit more, I said how much have you done he went red he had done work of course! I walk over to the of him by his desk, his dick was still out its about 5,5 inches not bad! And it was rock hard. Are you finding the work to hard, he very red said yes! I said I'm not surprised you've got your dick out! He went super red, I cupped his face and started kissing him tongues, I directed his hand to my fanny, it's was soaking I'm mean I had fanny juice trickling down my legs I couldn't take anymore I sat on his desk opened my legs and pushed his head in there, he licked me a lot and seemed to really enjoy it, after a couple of orgasm I had squirted in his face, I got him up on his feet and l directed him in it didn't last very long but I came hard and I sense.

Since the we are having sex all the time, we even have anal which we both love! I dint want this to end, but soon the school will take more students again.

What can I do to keep us going please help?

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  • "Lick down ", eh ? Your Freudian slip is showing, teach ! LOL !

  • I don’t like it when the fake stories are obviously fake. A teacher would write better than this.

  • ^^ why do u you fucking read them then? You keep saying they are all fake? But surely one must be true? Right?

  • You're the BEST teacher! The world needs more fabulous women like you.

    We had a hot slut English teacher at my high school. She was about 21, dressed like a stripper and her favorite trick was to ask one of her male students to help her lift some boxes from her car which was parked out of view at the rear of our school. As the boy leaned forward to pick up the box, she'd 'help' him by pressing herself hard against him to also grip the box maximizing skin contact, letting her long hair fall over him etc. She did it to me when I was 14 and I could feel her tits press against me and her leg was almost wrapped around mine for a second. It felt soooo exciting and good.

    Man, I wanked off every chance I could for days after that fantasizing how good to would be to fuck with her. It really helped me get over my teenage embarrassment about approaching girls once I realized they had sex urges just like us too.

  • O. P.
    I appreciate your answer, I think it's only right that when a young adult starts to be sexually aware the older generation lead the way! We do in every other field, just out of interest how old are you now?

  • We'll be reading about you in the news, and it WILL NOT be for great strides in education. No, it'll have a mugshot and a tawdry tale of child molestation.

  • OP: Predictive text! Don't try and be smart!

  • If you teach as well as you write, no one takes your class.

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