Helping out

I have multiple sclerosis but nowadays it has stopped me getting proper stiffies which leaves my wife very frustrated but on a night out with my mate with the usual sexy talk between us all I actually admitted that we were having problems. Charlie cheekily said that he had always fancied Jen and would gladly help out. Although we thought at first he was just joking because his wife is the perfect shape with Jen quite chubby but he said he was serious admitting always fancying her saying she has a real luscious sexy body. Although she was embarrassed at his complement I could see she was flattered and with Charlie's wife away at the time and his bungalow just round the corner from the pub it was the perfect time to take this opportunity to fulfil all of our wants. Finishing of our drinks, the short walk round to his bungalow seemed to take forever because my heart was pounding knowing that my wife is willing to let another man hopefully satisfy her. On the way I asked was she going to do one of her sexy strips which always gets me in the mood so no doubt Charlie will as well but this is when I realised I wasn't in control of what was happening because she said that in no uncertain terms that's up to Charlie what he wants asking him what he preferred at the same time lifting her skirt flashing her knickers actually taunting him that if she did the strip would he make it her worthwhile obviously the answer was yes. By this time we have arrived at his bungalow and after having another drink and finding the right music It was time for Jen's strip. The general feeling was electrifying with Jen standing up starting to unbutton her top but right at this moment the doorbell rang. It was Paul one of Charlie's friends who me and Jen knew as well but I could see from the look on her face she was well pissed off because she was obviously getting ready in her mind for making out with Charlie. When Paul came in he actually asked if he was disturbing something but it was Jen which surprised us by announcing did Paul want to join in as well because Charlie is helping Stuart (me) out in the sex department and was just stripping for Charlie. Paul couldn't believe his luck (and I couldn't believe what she was saying) but obviously Paul's answer was yes. So now there was Jen again standing starting to seductively dance at the same time taking her top right of but now turning around inviting Charlie to undo her bra. The sight of her topless and her nipples standing like "organ stops" was real sexy and I think it was Paul actually said it was worthwhile coming round to Charlie's for a beer and now free live entertainment thrown in but again Jen surprised me by saying the entertainment comes at a cost later which Charlie had agreed to and turning to Paul offered him the same and did he want the same deal? Paul obviously asked what she was talking about but all Jen brazenly said was to ask me and Charlie. Charlie immediately said to give her a good time followed by telling Jen to come across to sit between him and Paul. The sight of my wife sitting between them both and being topless was even making me have a raging boner, something that I haven't had for ages. They both started groping and sucking her tits at the same time caressing her legs pushing her skirt up until her knickers were in full view. She was willingly spreading her legs at the same time she was trying to unzip their trousers. It was Charlie who suggested moving to the bedroom where it was comfier. Needless to say all three of them stood up as one with Charlie leading the way where all three stripped off and believe me both guys had massive rock hard Dicks. They got Jen to lie in the middle of the bed with one either side where they started feeling her and again sucking her tits while spreading her legs starting to finger her at the same time getting her to start to suck them both in turn actually holding onto her head to make sure she wasn't going to stop eventually the inevitable happened with actually Charlie not even asking if she swallowed but I could see from where I was sitting he was exploding in her mouth within seconds Paul took over feeding his Dick in her mouth all this time both of them were fingering and rubbing her clit even pushing the occasional finger in her bottom, it was about now that she started having the first of a few massive orgasms fortunately Paul knew what was happening so he quickly pulled out because she was really vocal even shaking with the love juice, even I could see it running out of her Fanny. Instead of going back to the blow job Paul lay down getting her to straddle him slowly sinking his circumcised Dick in her waiting Fanny straightaway she started riding him just like a horse. The sight of her bottom and tits jumping up and down was out of this world it was about now that Charlie moved around to her bottom and for the first time acknowledged that I was even there asking me does she do anal not even really bothering with my answer because he finished by saying she was about to find out now because by this time Charlie was hard again and gently but firmly started pushing his Dick into her arse, she never even complained but instead actually pushed back obviously enjoying it then the second big orgasm hit her. By this time I had my Dick out myself wanking and for the first time in ages I wasn't going soft but it was Charlie being cheeky again holding on to my wife's hair actually asking me if I was enjoying watching my wife fucked because she definitely is. It was about now that Paul started coming shortly by Charlie and pulling out they actually got Jen to actually to swallow again. At this moment I was actually a bit disappointed but the best was to come because Charlie actually inviting me (her husband) to see if I could fuck my own wife seeing how they have put on a show they even got her to get in the doggy position spreading her Fanny telling me they have got her ready smacking her arse. Although this was a bit humiliating I was more than ready and very quickly dropped my trousers joining them on the bed. This time I definitely didn't have trouble going soft but very quickly started ramming my cock home and grabbing of her hips. This Within minutes I could feel the old feelings pulse through my body because I was really coming it didn't even matter that we'd got an audience, both guys actually congratulated me, something which I suppose I should of been ashamed of but right at that moment I was just glad that I was still able to perform like a proper man. When we had all calmed a bit still undressed Charlie invited Jen to get the drinks still naked but unfortunately Paul had to leave for his own home but with cheeky Charlie's family being away for the weekend and our kids being old enough to leave on their own he actually invited us both to stay the night if we wanted. She was very quick at accepting his offer which ended up with another session of pure sex followed by then showering together. Unfortunately I couldn't perform this time but was happy to watch my wife yet again with Charlie although afterwards she did say she was getting tired, so we all ended up sleeping on the same bed with Jen in the middle. This arrangement still happens nowadays with all three of us comfortable fortunately even now Charlie's wife doesn't know and all I can say to men which have troubles in the sex department "if you trust your wife then go for it"

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  • Just to be fair you might as well fuck his wife

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