My wife flashing

We've talked about my wife "flashing" while we are out to spice up our sex life but it became a lot hotter one night. It was her fourth time. Jen wore a button up dress with stockings suspender belt bra and knickers. By the time she was ready she was already feeling randy although it would be her doing the flashing. We arrived at the pub I went to get the drinks while she found seats. I noticed two men blatantly looking at Jens legs and with her wearing stockings she was showing a lot of stocking tops while sitting. When I got back to her I told her the men were looking and could she show a bit more, but she went further by slowly opening and shutting her legs flashing her knickers but not making eye contact with the men. After about 10 min I said they were definitely watching so I dare you to go to toilets and take the knickers right of. I thought I might of pushed her to far suggesting it but I hadn't taken into account that she was getting really hot herself because she actually agreed and left to go to the toilets. The feeling knowing that in a few minutes two perfect strangers would be looking at my wife's fanny was making me feel dead horny. Within minutes she was walking back giving me her knickers still damp and warm with a big smile on her face so obviously she was still game flashing to these men who looked about in their late 40s, with us in our late 20s.
Jen's incidentally a bit plump which makes her curvy with love handles in the right places. Sitting back down she started again teasing them opening and shutting her legs, the same time wriggling down a bit making her dress ride up her legs but this time there were no knickers. I knew they would be looking at her juicy fanny. I was getting dead randy knowing what they were watching. About 5 min later though she said were we ready for going because SHE really was worked up herself and wanted to go home for wild sex. She led the way but we had to pass these two men on the way out and after picking our coats up I followed but passing them one of them said to me what a sexy woman I've got but wasn't it a pity they couldn't see more.
Outside I told Jen what they had just said, I thought she'd just take it as a compliment but instead dared me to go back and actually invite them to follow us back to our place if they wanted to see more .WOW this is the ultimate for a married man watching his wife stripping for other men. In a flash they said yes following us back, on the way she told me categorically NOT to interfere but I wouldn't be disappointed.
We got home Jen telling me to pour them drinks and she'd shout us through. I had to tell the men that I really didn't know what she'd got planned but then she shouted she was ready. We were faced with her standing by the bed telling me to switch the music on and just sit and watch. What a horny site watching her shamelessly unbuttoning her dress inviting them to finish taking it off. They glanced across at me with that quizzing look in their eyes but I told them it's her decision and I wouldn't interfere. It was like a green light for them because within seconds she was lying naked on the bed with her unzipping their trousers and two rock hard Dicks in her hands. She was acting just like a red hot bitch on heat instead of wife and mother because lying there she actually told them that she was all theirs anyway they wanted and she couldn't get pregnant. They concentrated on sucking her nipples and spreading her legs wide apart fingering her Fanny and flicking her Clit within minutes she was moaning with pleasure followed quickly by her Cumming all this time she was sort of wanking them but after her Cumming they were getting really carried away completely ignoring me watching. It was as though I wasn't there because they got her up on her knees in the doggy position with one of them literally ramming his cock in and out of her pussy gabbing her love handles, the other one making her suck on his Dick holding tight on the back of her head making sure she couldn't move away literally fucking her face. The one riding her doggy style kept slapping her bottom actually commented to me if this is what we wanted? And all I could say was yes while I was actually wanking myself watching what was happening to my wife. They both came after about 10 min but the one having a blow job pulled out of her mouth covering spunk all over the back of her head with the other one gripping even rougher going all the way inside pulling out eventually with spunk dribbling down her leg. All this time they didn't actually get undressed but they did ask if Jen would stay naked until they went but also asking could we meet them again soon because they were contractors working in the area only getting home at weekends but Jen was just the perfect size that they both liked needless to say Jen actually blushed at this point but also said yes giving them our telephone number

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