Chris and Bruce

Sitting here embarrassed with myself but realising I can't stop myself with what is happening but I need to confess what is happening in my life. Chris rang me up on Wednesday telling me to wear wraparound skirt blouse but no undies and buy a dog collar to fit me. This obviously was the first part of the blackmail and humility and to meet him at his small garage with Bruce (my Rottweiler).
Thursday morning seemed to fly because next thing it was time for me to walk with Bruce the short walk across town to meet Chris. My heart was pounding by the time I got there feeling that everybody I saw on the way knowing I am willingly going to let another man other than my husband watch me strip but also watching me having sex with a dog. He had the garage set out just like a rest room with sofa, coffee table complete with water and kettle even a small mattress. At first the conversation was just about normal sort of things leading me into a false sense of security but after about 5 min reminding me about the blackmail and controlling I had agreed to when he caught me with Bruce telling me also he was looking forward to a repeat performance (he really knows how to get me embarrassed). He told me put on the collar myself I had bought and then strip so he could see me in the flesh and to get down on all fours just like Bruce and to crawl across to him so he could have a feel before I have to get ready for Bruce.
By now Bruce was already starting to get frisky because nowadays when we are alone at home he knows when I strip off he knows it is "playtime". Although I have only let him have me three times he knows already what is coming. Chris was made up watching Bruce prancing about adamantly saying not to let Bruce Mount but first for me to work on his Dick which was already starting to stick out of his "sheath" all the time Chris really getting worked up himself to the point of unzipping his trousers waving his rock hard Dick at me saying something like he wants sorting out as well afterwards but at that particular moment my priority was Bruce because he was really licking deep in my Fanny with that gorgeous rough tongue.
Although Chris was watching I was getting more and more worked up and I've got to admit right at that moment I could feel myself trembling with the first organism which felt like a steam train hitting me when I started to actually Cum. At this point I was completely out of control of my own feelings and Bruce was also getting out of control because all he wanted was to mount me. I should be ashamed of myself but I actually wanted to feel him inside me. I could feel him actually start to jump up with his front legs wrapping around my fat belly his Dick starting as usual prodding against my Fanny until he actually started to push inside I know it is very morally wrong but at that point all I wanted was Bruce inside me. Once he was "connected" as the last previous times the frantic humping started until I could feel him actually growing inside me until I was completely stretched this is when he stopped humping but also embarrassingly he actually like last time jumped off but staying "knotted" we were bottom to bottom and this is when Chris started wanking furiously over my head and face openly describing what me and Bruce looked like and holding onto my nipples describing how hard they were. The next thing he actually started coming but Bruce was still "knotted" but I could feel him starting to Cum and then eventually fall out of my Fanny this is when yet again Chris took delight in watching Bruce's spunk dribbling down my legs but also saying I hadn't done as I was told meaning I had let Bruce have me before I had sorted Chris out, so next time I better do as I'm told (hell I didn't think there would be a next time) but he was quick to remind me what had just happened and that I was to be his slave on a Thursday afternoon from now on and actually secretly I suppose I wasn't going to argue but found it a turn on but right at that moment I was still completely naked on all fours with spunk all over me off Bruce and Chris. Fortunately Chris had bought a bowl for some water which I boiled in the kettle to wash all the spunk off. Being still naked Chris took delight in describing what I looked like and what had just happened and next time he wants to see Bruce take me face-to-face so as to speak. Thursday finished off with me to having to walk back to my house through the town with Bruce obviously reflecting what I had just done and agreeing to carry on doing and yet again here I am a 30 year old chubby married woman being ordered and controlled by a much younger guy


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  • Nig church clairvoyant tells white middle-aged woman to be sexually, romantically and financially denied as penance for being abused as a child. as if I had a choice of what I could do as a child of 10 being abused by an adult telling me what to do? as if I have a choice of what my rights are by being bullied now by a nig arrogant SLVT now who has this aggression of "Im black woman I have more rights then you white dog. no man or job for you white stash that won't be fucked by nig or rapist" yeh, typical pig game of nig womans.

    what about nig nudity and rituals, canibalism and sex games and carry their guilt on how they abuse white man and woman. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  • Who's Ronnie? And I keep telling you I am not a man

  • It isn't a guy writing it but me who has actually had Bruce with Chris watching but I didn't realise I had actually submitted the confession but about a month after that first session at his garage it went further look for Chris and Bruce part two although it sounds as though you don't believe me but that is up to you

  • You're the guy who writes about Ronnie. Do one.

  • Same story, same names. Its a guy writing it too.

  • This was a great series a fair while ago and it was enjoyable reading and made many very horny but to repeat it I don't think you will get the same type of audience approval sweetie

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