My first time

I decided a few years ago I wanted to try sucking a guy to completion. I ran into a road block because finding someone to let me do this was proving difficult. Everyone online at hook up sites seemed to be fake and I certainly was not going to just ask someone I knew or came into contact with often to let me do it.
I was staying at a hotel on business for a conference and this guy and I started talking one evening while down at the hot tub and pool area. He mentioned that while he saw plenty of lovely ladies at the conference they seem to be hiding or staying elsewhere. I agreed with him and kept the conversation going about women and sex then eventually worked up to asking him if he would ever consider getting a blow job from another guy. He laughed at first then asked me if I was serious, we exchanged a few looks and I was not sure where this would go next but he told me that he would try it but was not sure he would want to return the favor. I told him no problem, I have always just wanted to try it on a guy, I gave him my room number and told him to come by after he showered.
I guess it was an hour later I heard a knock on the door, I turned off the main lights just leaving one on by the door. He came in not saying much then asked where I wanted him, I told him to undress and lay back on the bed. I climbed up straddling his legs and began licking and playing with his cock doing what I thought I would love done to mine. I gripped the ridge of his head with my fore finger and thumb and licked his shaft hard then his balls all the while flexing my finger around his head. He was moaning and gasping at the feelings as his cock grew hard, I began loosening my grip and went to just licking and light sucking as he got fully erect. He cock was really nice actually, probably about seven inches with a nice pronounced head on it.
I held his head in my mouth and ran my tongue around it listening to him lightly gasp and tell me holy crap this feels great. He came and I just kept on lightly sucking him as I pumped his shaft right up to the head. He pushed his hips and up and down on the bed gasping and moaning out telling me he was coming harder than he ever had and I just kept up the motions until he was finished.
I began licking his shaft and balls again while he caught his breath, he kept looking down at me as I lightly sucked on him. I lifted his cock up again with my lips and went down on it numerous times sucking, he laid there saying oh my god like five times and told me no woman as ever sucked on him this great after an orgasm. I kept it up increasing my rhythm then letting him fall down on his torso and tease him more and after quite some time he began lifting his hips again and telling me he was going to have another one as he gasped and gripped the sheets.
I bore down on his head sucking on it feverishly until I felt the first blast of his cum and started swallowing while sucking him dry. He was gasping really hard now and telling me I had to stop because it felt like his cock was tingling so bad it almost hurt. I let it fall down and went back to his balls licking and sucking on them for a bit then got up off the bed. He got up and told me he had never experienced something like that in his life, I was pretty happy with the results of my first time.
I was sitting in the hot tub the next evening and he came in setting himself down into the water. We told each other about our days and after about an hour it was just the two of us and I asked him if he wanted to come by my room again. He told me he was really hoping I would ask him that and told me he would go up and shower then be right over. I had three evenings of fun with him and enjoyed myself tremendously, I am not sure when this opportunity will come again but hopefully fairly soon.


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  • I use doublelist. Seems to have plenty of real people in Northern Ohio. I find plenty of older married men that let me suck their cocks.

  • Last Sunday morning I woke up to my mom giving me a blowjob. She was on her knees and topless. She is still very attractive, and within a few more minutes, I was blowing my load right down my mom's throat. Looking at my mom's big tits made me so horny, I never really got soft. Within about 5 minutes, I was rock hard again. I ended up fucking my mom for about 20 minutes giving her 3 orgasms until I shot my second load deep in her pussy. We ended up fucking for a majority of the day too.

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