Wife and preacher

A couple of months ago my wife wanted me to sleep in the small guest room. I asked her why and she said that she didn't feel sexually satisfied and that I was inadequate. She makes more money than I and she sees me as inferior. She also told me that she has a crush on the preacher at our church and she is going to the evening bible study class hoping to spend more time with him. So on those nights I look at pics of pretty girls and play with myself.
I read on this site stories of guys who wear their wife's panties. I would like to do that also so I went to a women's clothing store. The lady who helped me pick out some lingerie asked me who it was for. At first I didn't answer so she guessed it was for me.

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  • Your going to be cuckold, once your wife finds out about you wearing lingerie she will be just so happy then next thing will be a cock cage locked onto your small prick and she will control the keys

  • The next Friday night this preacher came over to our house they started kissing in front of me. Then he told us to both put on some lingerie and to model for him. My wife put on her stuff and gave me a short slip which revealed my panties.
    When we went back to the living room he was naked. He looked at my wife and his penis started to get bigger. Then she went over to him and they kissed. It was very humiliating and I got aroused. He grabbed a pillow, put it on the floor in front of him and commanded me to kneel down. I did and he pulled my head back and opened my mouth. My wife began giggling as he stuck his penis in. He called me a cocksucker and my wife called me a little cupcake.
    After I lubricated him he pulled out, lifted my wife's leg onto the sofa and put his penis into her pussy. She smiled at me and said, "Now this is a real man."
    I played with my penis until I came in my panties while watching them and then went to my bedroom very satisfied.

  • You're right. One night after she was with the handsome preacher she came back to find me in the panties I had bought. But she was cool about it because she knows now she's free to have sex with him since she sees me as a sissy. She called me a "pathetic girly boy". And you're also right about my penis. Not only is it too small for her but it's too soft. Even when I play with it it doesn't get hard enough for her. When I have tried to put it between her legs she pushes me off and calls me "asshole". It's even too small for a cock cage.

  • Oh poor babe, I'll come and suck on your little dicky, I love a soft little prick in my mouth

  • Do you have a nice penis? What lingerie would you want me to wear?

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