Wife and preacher

A couple of months ago my wife wanted me to sleep in the small guest room. I asked her why and she said that she didn't feel sexually satisfied and that I was inadequate. She makes more money than I and she sees me as inferior. She also told me that she has a crush on the preacher at our church and she is going to the evening bible study class hoping to spend more time with him. So on those nights I look at pics of pretty girls and play with myself.
I read on this site stories of guys who wear their wife's panties. I would like to do that also so I went to a women's clothing store. The lady who helped me pick out some lingerie asked me who it was for. At first I didn't answer so she guessed it was for me.

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  • Your going to be cuckold, once your wife finds out about you wearing lingerie she will be just so happy then next thing will be a cock cage locked onto your small prick and she will control the keys

  • You're right. One night after she was with the handsome preacher she came back to find me in the panties I had bought. But she was cool about it because she knows now she's free to have sex with him since she sees me as a sissy. She called me a "pathetic girly boy". And you're also right about my penis. Not only is it too small for her but it's too soft. Even when I play with it it doesn't get hard enough for her. When I have tried to put it between her legs she pushes me off and calls me "asshole". It's even too small for a cock cage.

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