Scary glory hole experience

I used to frequent glory holes but now I am much more selective and have even built one for use at my house. I am surprised at the number of guys who will come and swallow my cock.
I was frequenting the same place for some time without any bad experiences, it was a theater with movie booths and almost all of them had holes between them. I had numerous cocks pushed thru the holes into my booth but I was not into sucking just being sucked. I would jack them off though and did have fun doing that quite often.
I got off work early one day and thought I would swing into the place and see if anyone was giving head. I was surprised to hear a woman's voice, at least it sounded like a woman and when I looked thru the hole she looked pretty normal. She told me that her and her husband wanted to take turns sucking on a cock, I had been sucked off by mostly guys anyways so I did not mind at all. I slid mine thru the hole and was immediately sucked into a waiting mouth. I was enjoying the sucking when suddenly something got really tight around the base of my shaft above my balls and my body was pulled forward right to the wall. I could feel myself being stretched right out by the base of my cock. I asked them to let it go but as I pulled back there was no give, I felt my cock moving around from the rope but I could not pull myself back.
The sucking started again along with another tongue on my balls which all felt really good but the rope was a little unnerving and I just prayed to god I was not about to lose my cock. I thought to myself quick panicking and just let them finish you off then hopefully they will release it.
They sucked me off hard and fast never letting up on the head, it felt great and even after I started cumming they never did not stop sucking which is always great. The problem was now that they did not stop sucking and it was starting to really get sensitive, I still could not pull my body back at all and they would not stop sucking on me. I was getting panicked now because it was hard to stay still and not try to pull back, I begged them to release me but then I heard a male voice tell me not until I cum again. I then felt the head of my cock get either slapped or flicked hard several times. I then started getting sucked on again in the same relentless hard sucking. The head of my cock felt like it was going numb from so much suction. It had to have been the guy sucking on me because it was very hard like he knew how much a cock could take. I stayed like this for a long time and the sucking never stopped and finally I felt an orgasm welling in my balls. I came but I do not think it was very much, I moaned and begged them to let it go now but when they did I fell back against the chair and landed on the floor. The rope was still tied around my shaft and my whole cock was purple and red. I heard them leaving and I worked it loose and got myself collected, after about ten minutes all was good and my cock looked normal again except for some teeth marks across the top of my head.
I had no sooner pulled up my pants when I saw a cock come thru the hole, I opened my door and left telling myself to never come back to this place again. So it was a scary experience but at the same time I think if they would have told me their goal in the first place I might have been able to stand two orgasms consecutively but I think that they really wanted to just torture someone a little without cause permanent damage.

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