When I was 24, my friend and his wife took me to some girl's house, we met her there when she got home from work. We walked into her house and she said she had a run in her pantyhose and she couldn't wait to throw them away, and she walked into a bathroom just off the livingroom and came back out without pantyhose. She was about 20, skinny, really pretty, so I said I needed to use the bathroom and I found the pantyhose in the waste paper basket. I pulled them from the trash and sniffed the crotch...oh my god, that pussy smelled so good. Strong, but nice. I jerked off in her bathroom while I sniffed the crotch of her pantyhose.

1 month ago

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    • I work in an office, and my boss is an older woman in her 60’s and wealthy. She always wears designer clothes and shoes.
      A few months ago, I was at my desk and I overheard her say “not again”. I heard her door close and I wondered what happened. When I went into her office later that afternoon I noticed a pair of black pantyhose in her waste basket. I wanted them so bad! I told her if she didn’t mind I would work late tonight. She thanked me!
      After everyone left, I went into her office and pulled them out of the basket and put them in my jacket pocket.
      On my way home, I couldn’t wait any longer I took them out and started smelling them especially the reinforced toe part. Her foot smell was amazing
      I hope to get a few more pairs!

    • I love to get into a women’s laundry, pull out the panties and jerk off on them. I actually have a nice collection I’ve saved over the years, great for masturbation dreams.

    • I put them back in the trash. It would have been too obvious if they were missing, but they smelled great!

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