I Caught My Wife at Her Birthday Party

We had a birthday party for my sexy hot wife in January. I invited some of her friends from work and people we know. We don't have any kids. I hired a DJ and we rented a hall out from the Moose. It was a great time and we had lots of good food and booze. She was dancing with some of her girlfriends and then I lost track of her. I went looking for her and I couldn't find her. I asked a few of her friends and no one knew where she was. There was a storage room, an office , the restrooms and a kitchen. I caught her in the back of the kitchen sucking on this guys cock. She was on her knees and his cock was in her mouth sucking away. I quickly backed out and they didn't see me. It was one of the people from her work. I had never thought anything about her cheating on me before. Now I don't know anymore. I didn't say a word to her about it. It's eating me up inside though. I want to tell her that I know about it but I can't bring myself to say anything. I don't know what to do. Suppose I say something and she tells me so what. I'm not good with confrontations. Never have been. I can't un see what I did though. I feel real funny when she kisses me. Who wouldn't if your wife was performing oral sex on another man. I don't know who to talk to about it. I can't tell any of my male friends they wouldn't understand it. I wish I hadn't seen her. It's a terrible burden.

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  • Clearly you need to decide what you want. Do you want that kind of relationship where she screws anyone she wants and you just suck it up or you can get a life and and move on to s real life. Which shall it be ?

  • I already chose weeks ago. She moved out and I am enjoying being alone. Maybe I will find another woman but right now I just want to focus on work and my home. It's really been great not having to worry about what she is doing and whom with. I wish her no ill feelings and hope she is happy but somehow I think her problem lies within herself and not others to make her happy.

  • My fantasy is to catch my wife without her knowing. You are living the dream. Try to watch them fuck without them knowing.

  • My fantasy is to fuck your wife while you watch. Want to hook the fuck up? Let me know I'm in for a good juicy fucking hot cheatin action with a yummy married woman.

  • It would excite me if I caught my wife giving a blowjob or fucking another man.

  • Loser get some help you fucking Idiot! Another wanna be Cuckold. Thing most of you who desire to watch your wives with another man have spouses that would be calling a lawyer to start divorce proceedings if you told them about your desires. One they figure you want them to cheat cause you are cheating. And two they don't understand why they aren't enough sexually for you that you want to watch them having relations with someone else. In any case they will leave you if you voice your weird desires. If you do have a woman who might do this you will end up with your little pecker in a fucking cage and won't be allowed to cum or have her pussy anymore. Which is exactly what you deserve. Meanwhile you will be watching me and my big huge brown cock sliding in and out of your wife's holes. I will enjoy her yummy white pussy.

  • I decided life is too short to live with a cheating woman. I told her that I want a divorce and she has agreed. Said she doesn't want anything of mine. Even better. I told her she could keep her 2 year old automobile. Will be glad to move on myself. No hard feelings just good luck hope she finds happiness.

  • Dude I would love to catch my wife fucking someone or sucking another mans cock. She is so fucking ugly nobody wants to including most black men. I wish I had your wife as mine. Want to switch wives? She won't ever cheat the ugly bitch!

  • My Donna Reed like wife Amy was such sneaky slut in college. She likes to confess/ brag about those days. She had fling with her married boss at the bookstore. She said he a huge cock and she was happily his Blowjob Queen. Sex with him hurt her little pussy. Our friends Linda and Bob live 2 blocks away. A couple time we go skinny dipping in our pool. I see Amy's eyes almost pop out, Bob is a short guy with a zucchini dick -- bigger than any porn start I saw.
    3AM on hot summer night. wake up and Amy is missing. Look around the house, no Amy. I hear some faint music outside -- I go out on the 2nd floor deck -- looking down I see naked Amy behind some shrubs, on her knees, giving Bob a blowjob.
    I know if I say something it will be worse than just ignoring her big dick in the mouth fetish. Just hope Linda doesn't catch them. Amy has a big mouth, Linda a tiny one. Maybe that caught his eye.
    I'm sure your wife, like my wife, washes her mouth out soon after oral.
    And it's not like they were fucking these guys. Bet your wife is a sweet charitable one like mine. Those types tend to give more oral than others.

  • I sat my wife down and told her that I saw her at her BD party sucking his cock. She said ok well you know. Then she said she has been fucking him a couple times a week for the last several months. I wish I hadn't said anything now. I wish I didn't know this. This does me no fucking good having this knowledge. I love my wife dearly. WTF!

  • She has a side fuck buddy. Mine did too, he was a much younger jock. He dumped her. Yeah. Bet 50% of hot married women drift. Wife has 3 different girlfriend groups: high school GFs, Work GSs, hot moms from Little League.
    Hot moms, everyone has or had a fuck buddy.
    This too shall pass.

  • Tell her you know, let her know you saw her blowing some guy. Watch her reaction to all of this. she may want you to join in or she may be sorry for the whole thing. i suspect she has been doing this guy for some time.
    You need to ask yourself what do you want , do you want to to be a part of her sexual affairs or do you want to split ?

  • I’d confront her, beware though, think you’ll find it’s not a one off.
    I for one, as a normal, warm blooded male would be looking for another tryst with her If she’s good at what she does and working with her makes it all so easy to play.
    If you dwell on it and don’t confront her, then your only going to create more problems for yourself, best to get it out into the open and deal with it from there.

  • I say live and let live, go about your own sexual desires... cheaper to keep her... just make real good plans for your future that might not include her!

  • I say confront her. Definitely don't dwell on it.

  • Yes I have been thinking I have to tell her I know what she did. It's really chapping my ass. She knows that I'm pissed but doesn't understand why. She was pretty drunk at her party. Normally she's not like that.

  • If you don't confront her now, then you deserve more pain and it will come believe me. You need to tell her to leave those lips and mouth to herself unless she comes clean about her Birthday party

  • I'd ask her about it, particularly if she has done this before with that dude or whether it was a one-time thing. Find out how serious she is about that guy. If she hasn't engaged in that kind of behavior before or since, I'd give her a pass, but to know that you need to ask her.

  • Consider it a birthday present and try and move on, unless you decide to confront her.

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