College BBC was so much more amazing

I was reading the story “Dorm Dare” and it reminded me of my own college experience. It wasn’t a dare. It was just the story of college and I started remembering my own college experiences. This was before the internet and even mobile phone.

When I was in HS I didn’t date much until my Junior year. A basketball player took a liking to me. I was 17 and he was 18. I was 5’8”, 110lbs and 32B. He said they were very perky. He was 6’11”, slim but muscular and to my inexperienced disbelief he had a 10”, veiny cock. You can imagine my first time. It hurt like so fucking much. Like someone was trying to shove a thick tree branch into my virgin vagina. He would alternate between fucking my vagina and teaching me to suck his cock. It took a couple of months to comfortably take his cock After I was hooked. For the next year we fucked or I sucked his cock almost daily. We had an open campus in HS and during lunch everyone knew what we were doing. He went away to play Div II basketball and I would go see him. Sex was incredible when we saw each other. Then I showed up to surprise him for our anniversary. He fucked me like a BBC Slut! He was calling me names and pounding me so hard it felt amazing!! After he finished we were laying on his bed. Then a knock on the door. This girl came in and called my bfs name! She opened his door and there was this little 5’ nothing blonde with bigger tits than mine. She had on a long coat and nothing else. Then all I hear my EX bf say is “Oh shit I forgot!” The girl started yelling and screaming at me and I was yelling at her. She wanted to know what I was doing in her bfs bed and I told her he was my bf for the last 2 years. I told him to kick her ass out! And she demanded the same of me. Long story short she stayed and I drove 6 hours home with only my pants and a t-shirt on. His cum leaked out of me for the first hour. At home I felt so betrayed. He called a couple of days later and explained how college life was and being a basketball player well gave him a lot of opportunities. Anger I slammed the phone down. Broken up I cried. I still had a several months to go before I was to graduate but wasn’t interested in dating anyone new. My ex came back a few times and I gave in and he fucked me. One time while he was fucking me he told me the other girl didn’t mean anything to him. We decided to get back together. It was short lived when a few days later I found out he had given me a STD.

In college I was housed in a dorm adjacent to the sports dorm. The dorm where all the athletes stayed there freshman year. It took me about 2 weeks and I was being fucked by BBCs daily and nightly. I was in heaven. I loved every moment of taking BBCs. The first several were pretty average and I was beginning to think my ex was abnormally large until I met a football player. 11” and thicker than my ex. He was amazed how well I could handle him. He was pretty much my steady but I still took on others. My sophomore year I moved to a house but continued my BBC ways. This went on through my senior year. All together I estimate I have been fucked by 600 different BBCs and have been fucked by BBCs over 1,000 times.

Well then I settled down with a nice and stable, moderately successful white man. 7” of boring white dick. But he’s a good man.

I admit that every six months or so I go back to my university and spend a weekend taking BBCs for 48 hours.

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  • I've got a BWC and I love fucking hot black girls with it. It turns me on so much because I feel like I'm getting revenge somehow.

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