Enough Was Enough

Many, many years ago when I was a lad of fifteen, I got caught going down on a boy friend a couple of years younger than me, by his mother. It created quite a row, she told my parents. I had already been caught trying to look in her bedroom window, and caught masturbating when my mother and her walked into my bedroom without knocking. She had me pegged as a pervert before I was out of my teens. What she didn't know was, her son and I had hidden a cassette recorder in her bedroom and recorded she and his dad fucking. He was uncircumsized and if she was giving him an h/j, she'd urge him to "Skin it up, skin it up !" as to catch his ejaculate when he came. She didn't want it all over the sheets, and she fucking sure didn't want it on her ! If he was plowing her cunt, she would make him pull out, and, "Skin it up !" She grunted and hooted during the love-making process, and talked dirty. We got our tape, listened to it, once, and I faked destroying it by switching tapes, and setting fire to the fake one. A couple of years later I found out she told a girl my age, in our neighborhood, that she had caught me "molesting" her son. I was horrified but the girl waved me off, saying, "Shit, that's okay, her husband tried to molest me with her watching ! She's a twisted old bitch !" She and her husband had divorced, and moved from the neighborhood. I met her and her son at a supermarket while I was with the girl I was dating at the time. She asked about my parents, a younger brother who was constantly in trouble with the law, and said, to my face, with my g/f watching, " I'm soooo glad you got over your problems ! I'm surprised to see you with a girl !" and she beamed at me as I reddened, and struggled to talk. I had to lie my way out of that one, but, she did it again a few months later when we met in a department store. I was flirting with a girl who worked there in lingerie, and she stops, makes me introduce her to my friend, and then informs my friend that she was glad I finally figured out what I wanted. I rolled my eyes and shrugged at my friend. The old bitch even came back after I left and told her, "I caught him molesting my boy ! I ain't gonna say what he was doing !" This was just too much, and I vowed to stop it.
We knew she would go to a nearby fast food joint, not a national chain, and she'd pick up corn dogs because she wasn't much of a cook. She would often flirt with the nervous young teen behind the counter, and hang out. My g/f was also fond of the place, and we'd go in there when she got off of work. We were in there one night when the old bitch stopped in. I got up and wandered outside. Another worker there was in his car, smoking a cigarette, and blasting his tape deck. Her car was parked nearby. I got an idea, and went to my car.
She saw my g/f in the booth, and walked over and asked her how she cured my "queerness". My friend told her it was none of her fucking business but she was quite satisfied with her relationship with me. "Well, that's nice ! Glad you don't set the bar too high !" and smiled sweetly and left.
When she got outside, the fast food worker's car was blasting she and her ex-husband's sex tape. I had paid him five dollars to play it. She seemed to ignore it until she heard herself gasping, "Ummmphhh, baby, fuck me HARD ! Harder !" and then, "You gonna shoot that shit ? You gonna bust those fuckin' big nuts ? Pull it out, and SKIN IT UP ! SKIN IT UP !" Her blue eyes widened, and she visibly shuddered. Her mouth gaped open, she walked a few steps towards his car, but, I stopped her.
"Might be a good time to stop talkin' shit about me. Right now, nobody knows who that is, but, keep on with your slander, and everybody will know. Trust me, everybody ! " She started to yap, but recoiled and fled.
And, that, my friends, was the end of that. Oh, but me and the g/f fucked while listening to the tape, later on.


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  • This shit had me bustin a gut. I mean man oh man I'm still laughing. I laughed so fuckin hard I pissed my self a little. I have a huge 100 watt amp and 4 speaker cabinet. I'd be playing dat shit all over the fuckin neighborhood fro all to hear. I'd put dat fuckin bitch in her place she'd never fuck with me anymore.

  • She got off easily! I'd have told her she was going to give me what the other guy got, or the world would hear her talking that way.

    As she squealed as I took her, I'd tell her that she'd be doing this whenever I called, or I'd seduce her son. Then afterward, I'd pull out the recorder and let her listen to all that.

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