He never knew

I'm a 36yo gay man. My first boyfriend, when I was early-mid-20s, was floored when I told him that I was a virgin- never had a boyfriend, never been to a gloryhole, nothing- because APPARENTLY, I give amazing head(his words). I told him I'd practiced on a rubber dildo and watched a lot of instructional videos, the truth is I'd been blowing the family pooch since I was fifteen. I sucked his cock on a daily basis when I could, including deepthroating, swallowing, licking, sucking and tickling his nuts, making the loudest slurping and gagging noises I could- all stuff my then-future boyfriend loved. Although he also liked hearing me beg, and seeing me show him a mouthful of cum before I'd swallow it, but naturally that isn't anything a dog would've taught me. To this day, I'm not sure which lover I enjoyed being with more.

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  • I will let you suck on man nuts

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  • Cos your ugly as fuck

  • My first gay lover was a well-built tranny named Wanita. I met her one night while driving home from work. I drove her home where she invited me in and asked me if she could fuck me. I said yes but confessed to her that I had never been fucked by anyone before. We got naked and she easily slid her nine inch dick all the way up my ass. She fucked me until that dick erupted with thick creamy cum. She said to me ' I thought you said you had never been fucked before?? "I haven't" I replied. But the truth is, I had been having sex with my dog for about the past 8 or 9 months. Every night after I got off work I'd go home, take him to the basement, get on my knees and let him get it doggy style. He would slide that dick up my ass and fuck until he was exploding everywhere. The only reason I was with Wanita tonight was because my dog had run away a few days ago and hadn't returned. I waited for him as long as I could but he still hadn't come home. I needed some dick now. So I started letting this thick ass tranny with a nine inch dick fuck me. Best choice I ever made. She's got some good dick.

  • I thought I was fucked up,,,,

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