Single Dad, hired helper

My sons friends needed a place to live closer to his job so he moved in. Everything was fine. About two months later I agreed he could stay a bit longer so I drove him to his moms place to get a couple things. I was waiting outside and his mom came out to meet me and thank me for helper her son. I was impressed immediately by this woman, tall, amazing smile, single out of a long term marriage. We talked briefly and she was wondering if she could come see where her son was staying.

Couple days later she came by but her son was out with his friends. So me and her just hung out had a couple drinks each, showed her around, then I made some food. she 37 said she was healing from her last relationship and it would be sometime before she was ready for a relationship, so I was a bit let down because I’m looking for a committed relationship (I’m 46 )And finally her son showed up. Her personality was incredible, just a beautiful woman, kind of quite beauty lived a bit of a isolated life. So we agreed she would come over again for a bbq one evening. I was thinking she is just being nice because her son is living with me.

Couple nights later I was texting her, we agreed the moon was amazingly bright and be nice to observe it outside, she said she would come over but she had couple drinks therefore couldn’t drive. I offered to pick her up. She accepted so I grabbed couple of blankets and Snuck out of my own house, I didn’t want her son to know I was gone out lol. I picked her up, we went out to a park to watch the moon. It didn’t take long and we where kissing and and making out what a beautiful woman. We jumped in the back seat. We got along so wonderfully, I slowly removed all of her clothes and enjoyed many inches of her amazing body, what a incredible nectar her pussy was, it was so amazing her sitting on my face, her tits, feet, hands, just a hot mother one could keep and enjoy fucking forever. Two bad she needs time to heal from her last relationship.
So the look continues.


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  • Whos the fucking helper?

  • Few years back the house next door to me had been empty for a while. Then a 27 year old single mum moved in with 2 little kids. I was 39 and single and thought she was a fine piece of ass and wished to the gods for a crack at that.I had introduced myself and we had a nice few chats.Didn't think she'd ever have a break from those kids until her waste of space ex picked them up.I made a slight move on her asking if she would like a drink and company.She said she would. We just chatted and I listened to her.She said they were having marriage issues and were on a break.I thought damn no chance then.But I played the long game,which it wasn't really,about 3 weeks.And one night one little kiss is all it took.We held each other and kissed passionately on her couch. Then I slid her jeans and pants off and pulled her to the edge.That nude body was to die for.I loved that she was an all natural blonde so I ate that yummy pussy. Then I stripped and no questions asked I entered her bareback and fucked her brains out really hard.Her pussy felt incredible and got wet so quickly and i could tell she had never had a fucking like that before.She was moaning and writhing like mad.And just so easy to pleasure and totally submissive.I made her cum and squirt a couple times before I did but not before I turned her over onto her front doggystyle to pound at her cute little bum.Held and squeezed that pale little bum and smacked it till it was red.Then held onto her shoulders to ram my cock in real hard until I came in her unprotected.

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