Dreaming about my step son

My Dream: My step son, husband and I went to go see Deadpool 2 and the theatre was packed, once we found seats and got situated later on during the movie my husband whispers in my ear to switch spots with him so that I am in the middle of him and my step son, I thought to myself what his my husband up too cause he normally doesn’t ask switch seats. Once we switch seats and start paying attention to the movie, something just came over me after I felt my step son’s arm kept brushing against mine and I slide my hand over into his lap and could tell he was nervous as I felt him take a deep breath from me rubbing his semi-hard cock but he didn’t push my hand away. I was getting sooo horny that I was curious if my husband knew what was happening so I slowly slide my other hand over to my husband’s lap and felt that he was hard as rock as I look up at him and he had the horniest smirk on his face and that indicated that he knew what I was doing and I just knew that he wanted to see if I would make any moves. Then I got even hornier knowing that I was rubbing 2 hard cocks (one being my step son) in a pack movie theatre.

Then the dream ended, I woke soaking wet with my two finger deep inside my pussy. I kept thinking about this dream all day at work, masturabted three times while at work. Hoping I have more dreams like this soon for me to confess.

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  • I love people as adventurous as you. I’ve been surfing Tumblr myself. Check out Masterofmyslut. That blog post some hot stuff.

  • Like father, like son. My step dad caught us a million times, but never stopped us. I saw my mom suck him off one morning, then crawl over and suck off my oldest step brother. It’s a good thing. Good men keep it in the family, and good women act accordingly

  • I regularly fuck my step-mom. Got he pregnant as well.

  • I fuck anything or anyone in llanbradach south Wales school st 56

  • I know that I miss my step-mom a lot, she let me do anything I wanted with her. She caught me looking at nude women online and asked if I wanted to see and touch the real thing. It was by far the greatest thing to happen to me in my life at that time, she was then and still is a beautiful woman. It was the best sex education a guy could ever receive in his life.

  • How old is your step-son?

  • My step son is 17 and yes he still fucks me daily.

  • I've thought about my nephew, not blood related either. Danced at parties, seen him by the pool. I'm 38 he's 29 married too

  • My step sons 26 and im 39 I’m not gonna lie I thought about him a bunch of times I tryed catching him mastersbate.I listen to him snd his gf having sex just can’t seem to get enough I would love to sneak in his room and suck him off. I feel bad for this but it’s normal hes a hot younger guy what can you expect. His dads 47 and still good in bed but his sons thicker i can tell through his boxers in the morning.

  • How does it feel to be illiterate?

  • What like you are you mean

  • Would you do this

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