Dad,Dayghter, ?

I am married for the second time my husband has a 19 year-old daughter, we have only been married a month, he told me in his previously marriage nudity was ok upstairs and anywhere else in summer, also he told his daughter still likes her dad to wash her back in the bath at weekend, in the week she showers, he asked me if I was ok with it, I was ok I didn't think anything about it as far as I was concerned it was a family thing, I noticed when he went up to wash her he was taking too long I thought how long does it take to wash a back, I decided to check, I waited a minute and went up stairs quietly, the bathroom door was open, his daughter was on her hands and knees, which I thought was a bit odd to wash her back, he was washing her back but he continued to wash her bottom cheeks and anus and vagina taking longer than necessary, I herd her say your being a naughty daddy but that's ok its you right to do what you want,
I crept down stairs what should I do is it that wrong

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  • Most dads and daughters share a strong bond to one another. Sometimes this involves sex or some form of sexual activity. I wouldn't worry about it.

  • My Daddy remarried and before mom died we were also a natural living family, most times nude. The three would always shower together and growning up both mom and dad washed be and I washed them the same way. It was from an early age they both brought me to orgasmic bliss. As I did them. I can't count how many times i have made Daddy and Mommy cum. When she died we continued.

    He told his new wife that us bathing together is a family thing and he will not stop. I convinced her to join us, by the end of the first shower I made he cum twice and 3 years later she all in and is like a second mother to me we are so close I call her Mom now.

    BTW I'm 19 now.

  • It is obviously their special time they have together. I wouldn't worry about it. It's not unheard off. If I were you I would to keep an open mind about this situation.

  • I don't see anything wrong, my dad always bath me when I was little we just carried on as usual when ide grown up, mum wasn't very happy about it, I enjoyed him bathing, it was our private moment, he did take several liberties I pretended not to be aware of where his fingers went.

  • I wouldn't call it a liberty. It's a father showing his daughter love

  • You should kick him as hard as shit right in the balls everytime he wants to wash her back, you should do it instead.

  • Why should he be kicked, they were consenting adults, you want to get real, how sad you are,

  • Agreed!!

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