My wife is of a different ethnic group who would have dances once a month. When we were dating she would go, but I didn't because they spoke their own language and I really don't like dancing. One day before a dance she asked me if she could have a regular dance partner. I said, "Sure. You can't dance by yourself." She seemed very pleased with my answer. That evening she dressed very provocatively and gave me a brief kiss on the cheek when she left. That made me very aroused.
The next day she said that I should move to the spare bedroom. I agreed because that's where the computer is and I could look at naughty girl pics and young guys with big penises. Then I asked my wife if she had any undies that I could wear. She gave me a pair of panties and a garter belt. She said if I needed more she had a lot for me because she would need new lingerie for her
new boyfriend. I'm happy playing with myself and she's happy too.

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  • Why on earth would you ever have married ? Here's a suggestion, why don't you just trade underwear since she's the man of the house !

  • We stay married because we like each other and get along fine. She is a pretty roommate and I get aroused when she lets me watch her get dressed for her date. It's like we're girlfriends and we're in a new relationship. She tells me the naughty things she and her lover do. I enjoy playing the role of a girl.

  • Dancin', dancin', dancing, I'm a dancing machine!

  • I can hear the Bee Gees howling like a hamster being castrated.

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