I got a job during the winter before college at a resort motel

I worked at a \motel in the housekeeping department. It was a small hotel in Ruidoso New Mexico, and there were two of us who cleaned rooms. I had the second floor and my coworker had the first floor and we went from room to room, always knocking to make sure that we didn't walk in on anybody. At this one room the lady told me to make up the room while she took a shower, then I could do the bathroom. Not an odd thing really, I made up rooms a lot when guests were there.

The room was clean enough really, a quick pass with the vacuum. I organized and dusted the dresser and the night stands, it was a full sized bed, before changing and making the bed. The sheets were well used, stained and still wet in a spot. she had been having sex not too long before I came in. Again we found all sorts of things in bed, from used condoms and panties, to wet spots and blood stains, so you just rolled the sheets up and put fresh ones down and make the bed.

But she was standing behind me and asked me if I was old enough to have sex yet, I looked like I was way too young for that. I told her I was 18 and going to college the next fall. And no, as a matter of fact, I hadn't had sex, but I had seen used sheet many times. She walked over to me, she was in her bra and panties, and took me by the neck and pushed my face into the wet spot and told me to lick, she wanted all the sperm licked up and not to change the sheets.

It was a puking moment, but I licked the sheets. After I had licked them, she told me to take off my panties and spread my legs on the bed, she wanted to eat my pussy. She licked my panties first, then she put her head between my legs and ate me and fingered me both front and back. She played with my clitoris and sucked on it until I had an orgasm. She then asked me to eat her too, reminding me that she had just taken a shower.

It was hard lowering my face into her pussy, but I did, it couldn't be worse than licking up sperm from the sheet. I ate her, enjoying it because I really did, I fingered her when she asked me too, a licked up between her vagina and her ass. After she came she told me that she had a boyfriend and he would really like to fuck me and I might as well get my virginity thing over with before going to college. I had come back to my senses, the other housekeeping girl was knocking on the door and asking me if I was in there and if I was alright. It wasn't a rare thing that guests got ahold of a girl, but in this case it was a woman and not a man.

I finished making the bed and after we put our things back in the housekeeping closet I told my workmate what had happened. She was understanding and asked me if I liked it. As long as you don't get fucked, that's how girls got pregnant. That night back at her room, we got free rooms during the season to work at the motel, she asked me to show her exactly what I had done to the woman, and not to leave anything out. It was the first time we ate pussy and slept together. I went off to college the next fall searching for a girl, I didn't get fucked until I was 26 and then it wasn't my fault. But like my coworker at the motel warned me, girls get pregnant like that.

Apr 6

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    • Did the older lady have a hairy cunt?

    • Do you ever come back to Ruidoso?

    • So did you get that naughty lesbian pussy knocked up?

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