Video booth pleasure

I’m a guy that enjoys cross dressing. I enjoyed going to the adult book store and theater and wearing garters and stockings with pretty panties. I enjoyed seeing if I could find men that would give me what I wanted.
One evening I went and while looking at the magazines I saw a guy watching me. I showed him I was looking at magazines about men cross dressing, about women sucking cocks, about women having anal sex. I walked past him and let my hand brush against his dick. I bent over to get a magazine from the lower rack and he walked past me and rubbed his crotch against my ass, and I gave him a little sigh, letting him know I liked it.
I walked past him again on my way to the video booths and rubbed his crotch again. I got to an empty booth and saw him coming my way. I entered leaving the door open and started removing my pants and shirt. He entered my booth as I was bent over pulling my pants off. I faced him as I went to my knees. I unbuckled his pants and pulled them and his boxers down. His dick was getting hard as i put it in my mouth.
I eagerly sucked him, feeling him getting bigger and harder in my mouth. I would suck his head licking the length of his dick then take him deep in my mouth. I was enjoying his cock in my mouth as he took control. He held my head and started fucking my face. Holding me as he shoved his dick into my throat. He pulled out leaving just the head in my mouth and I tasted his pre cum. I ran my tongue around his head teasingly wanting him to come. Then he shoved his dick down my throat holding my head firmly against his crotch as I felt his dick pump the first stream of cum inside of me. He released my head and I started milking his dick with my mouth. I sucked and swallowed every drop of his cum. I continued sucking on him until he pulled me off of his cock.
I played with his cock as I sucked some glory hole dicks. He pulled my panties off while I had my mouth full of dick and slowly started fucking my ass. I had three guys cum in my mouth as he fucked my ass. He would fuck me deep, then pull out and shove just his head in and out of me, then shove his entire dick all the way inside of me. I was taking the cocks down my throat as he shoved deep into my ass. I had no control what was happening and I enjoyed it. Finally as he buried his cock inside of me I felt him start coming, I could feel his dick shooting cum inside of me. I was squeezing him as much as I could after the pounding he had given me, wanting to again get everything out of his dick. He stayed in me until he lost his erection and his dick finally fell out.
This was one of my favorite nights at the theater. I don’t remember us saying anything. Just him letting me be me, and me letting him completely enjoy my body.


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  • Why can’t this happen to me?

  • Have you ever been out cross dressed, even if you went somewhere and then changed? I’ve been surprised at how many men wanted to let me suck their dicks, and more surprised at how many men would please me by fucking my ass.
    Most men don’t care about how I’m dressed as long as they can cum inside me. They want to cum, that’s all.
    Go out cross dressed and let them come to you.

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