Closet gay

I am being married for 15 yrs no kids I am a male 41 since I was about 17 I’ve had I thing about transexual I through it was a just a faze i was going through but I thought I was straight but as I got older the Urge got stronger to suck a transsexual cock then one day I went to a a adult bookstore in a booth to watch porn I was watch then all of a sudden this cock appear through a glory hole it was big and beautiful my heart and My mind were racing my hand moved to the cock and slowly was stroking it it felt so good feeling another cock then I drop to my knees and slowly lick and sucked his cock I was in heaven it tasted os good having a throbbing cock in my mouth within about ten minutes of sucking he’s hot cock a could feel he’s cock pulse more then I felt he’s cum hit the back of my mouth I swallow all he pulled it out and I heard him say thank you still in booth so hard myself a had to release myself I cum so hard want had happen I walk outside and drove home i am so glad I did it now I missed out for so much i I went back to the bookstore and suck again and swallow all the cum now I am a a closet sissy crossdresser who love being fucked and sucking cock do I tell my wife

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  • It's all the porn and hypnos. I love all that stuff too and have wanted to do this but I would never tell my wife. I love her too much and I don't want to loose her. just don't spread and std's

  • I enjoy cross dressing and going to adult theater’s, and book stores. I will go to the video booths and leave my door unlatched. I’ve had men join me in my booth while I’m sucking a dick through the glory hole, and after a few strokes on their dicks they spread my cheeks and fuck my ass.
    As far as your wife is concerned, I got back in touch with my ex wife because of our son, and we started talking. She surprised me when she asked if I still dressed. I had nothing to lose so we talked openly about my dressing and what I did. I admitted to her about wearing lots of her clothes while we were together, and told her I still had some of her dresses, bras, panties, and even some of her shoes.
    My next visit to see her I brought several outfits to model for her. She even painted my nails and put makeup on me, then she drove me around town telling me it didn’t matter what anyone else thought about it. She took me thrift store shopping picking out several outfits for me.
    Good luck if you talk to your wife.

  • Nope, don't tell her. You won't change nor will she. Keep it a separate part of you life and don't feel guilty. You love cock and being a sissy and that love is too strong to deny.

  • Your wife will never understand. you should tell her, though that you are bi. do you still have a sexual life with your wife?

  • First off, you lucky bastard! I’ve always wanted to do that. Ok, having sait that, the only reason I have fought the urge so long has been the high prevalence of STDs/STIs. You should tell your wife. Hell, these days, she might be into it.

  • She is old fashion I tried sending transsexual pics and big cocks pics she think there disgusting

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