Women; A Little Help Understanding Women

I have a serious question that I’m certain I will be ridiculed for but here goes.

Just a little about me first. I am a nice guy and have a very good job. Which means I would never pressure a women into doing anything she didn’t want to do and I’m a good provider, and generally put their needs before my own. I also take good care of myself. I’m 44, full head of black hair, I’m quite often referred to as handsome. And I’ve been told more than a few times I have a nice dick and definitely know how to use it.

Now with all that said my question; why is it that women act all shy sexually and put on a good girl act. You go out on a few dates and sure you have sex. Maybe even fun but not crazy. You keep saying and get serious and start making suggestions on how to make sex more exciting. Then you find out that no she doesn’t really like giving blow jobs, maybe a little road head and you know just for fun why not try anal. She shots you down on ever suggestion saying “no. I don’t do that or don’t like it”. Ok. I tried. Then the relationship progresses further and now you’re in love. Then suddenly a friend of hers slips up or you bump into an ex of hers. You find out that her ex is a complete douche. Wonder wtf did my gf / wife see in that guy. Then you learn a bit more. Yes she gave him blowjobs a few times a week. And she did it the first time on a road trip they took that she paid for. Your world is. Shaking like a San Francisco earthquake. A week of fighting and wondering who she is. The fights and anger are subsiding but then somehow it comes out that your woman, the woman you love took her ex’s loser cock deep in her ass. He loved it so much she gave him her ass many times over their on again off again relationship.

You’ve had it. You confront her about why she did those things with their ex or other guys. Maybe one night stands but why won’t she do it with you. She tells you that’s who she was and my all time favorite “all my experiences brought me to you”. So you were a what? Slut or easy but now you have morals? Give me a fucking break. Or my second favorite I didn’t like the experience when I did it with my ex or ons. Ok. I won’t pressure you but don’t ask to go on trips where I’ve been. I’ve been there and don’t want to go back. Oh my wife wants to go to Europe for a very expensive vacation? Yes but I’ve been there so many times I do t really want to go.

So women, why is it that women can lie or omit information about their past and when they are found out they fall back on its my past what does it matter?


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  • Sounds like you also wrote the post asking why good women fuck bad boys, and you're really having problems with your perception of who your wife was before you married her. Your PERCEPTION. You need to seriously consider the validity of what you're "hearing" about her past, as well as the ass-powdering you're hearing about your own marvelous qualities. The truth is probably a lot more dull than you claim your sex life is.

  • That is because you are asking her.
    Real men don't ask women. They TELL them what they are going to do. Suck my dick bitch. Get on all fours, because I'm fucking you in the ass bitch.
    Women don't want a pansy ass little man ASKING them, they want a MAN who is not afraid to TAKE what he wants.
    Women today act like this whole #metoo thing is what they want, but it's not. Deep down they still want a powerful man who's going to take them and fuck the shit out of them like some 2 bit whore.
    Now stop bitching on the internet and go fucking take your woman. Trust me, it will work and you'll have way better sex.

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