Fiancee Cheated, I Loved It

I recently found out that my wife (then-fiancee) cheated on me shortly before we got married. I do feel twinges of anger/jealousy about it, but I am also extremely turned on by it and overall love the fact that she did it. She acted sorry when she told me, but when I admitted that I was turned on instead of mad, she admitted that it was the best sex of her life and didn't really feel bad about it at all.


She was a virgin when I met her in college, and very prudish about sex. It took years to get any sexual activity from her, and even though she seemed to enjoy it in the moment she rarely initiated or desired it without me having to work to get it going. She only wanted slow sex in a few basic positions. She had no fantasies or kinks. She didn't like oral, masturbating or porn and HATED any sort of roleplaying or dirty talk. She did not think sex was wrong or shameful, she just had no sex drive and thought it was "icky".

I have always been a bit of a perv so this was very frustrating, but I loved her so much that I didn't care.

The Story:

One of her best friends was getting married and they decided to do a joint bachelor/bachelorette party on a booze cruise. She grew up in a small town so almost all of the guests were her childhood friends, including her childhood crush! Appearantly she had a crush on this guy for years in middle/high school before we met but it never went anywhere.

But now love was in the air and alcohol was in everyone's systems. She drunkenly confessed her old feelings to him, and they instantly made a connection. They talked for hours, and ended the night with "just one kiss, for old time's sake" as she described it.

But that was just the first night. The next night she ended up having sex with him all night long in his room, and then again every chance they got for the rest of the trip.

She said that she never felt anything besides lust for him, and she doesn't even miss him now. It was closure for those old feelings.

She wont admit it, but she has changed... for the better! Appearantly she left her prudish attitude back at the docks! Even while talking about it later she got extremely excited when she told me about all the things they did (that she would have never done with me!) She even used the naughty words for everything! Like when she "sucked his cock in the bathroom" or when he "fucked her on their friend's bed" and she let him "cum in her pussy".

She would have never used this language before, or done any of these things! And since then she's had a much higher sex drive. She initiates a lot more, moans louder, talks dirty and even masturbates on her own! She almost never complains during sex or says "no" anymore like she used to. My wife cheating on me was the best thing that has ever happened in our marriage!


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  • Somebody in this story is full of shit. Your girl friend is playing you and you have fallen for it .You let her get away with screwing some ex slob she was dating and that's ok ? Your think she has changed for the better ? Are you crazy, she has not changed at all, she screwed that guy and she will do it again. What excuse will you make up the next time ?

  • LOL ! My we are really mired in the same old theme with this new batch of posts : My wife used to be a full tilt slut until she married me. I've tried to be nice, but, it's quite obvious, you really aren't husband material. Divorce as soon as possible, you'll never be happy with anybody. Date a current or former porn star as she makes / made good money for doing the kind of things you desire. Spoiler : she'll be no different than the rest, she just did all that for artistic purposes, and will probably say "No ! " to your feeble requests, but, hey, at least you can watch her films as you sit beside her, jerking off.

  • I been married to my wife for 8 years. 2 years in I found out she had fucked her ex boyfriend shortly after we married. She doesn't know that I know she did this. I will save it for when I ever decide to cheat on her.

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