I Desire Mom To Stop

I have been trying to get my mother to seek help from a therapist or shrink. At first I thought it was cool, but now it's out of control. She enjoys watching my cum come out. I don't know what happened in her head. Was it the porn she knew I had on my lap top, her age, not dating or what. Maybe it was me that made her berserk.
She saw the boners in my pants once in a while and me playing with it at times when I was horny and near her, especially in the mornings. I would press it on her butt when I put my dish in the sink as she cleaned the dishes. She saw me playing with my bulge while I was on my lap top and never said anything about my actions around her.
Then she started to surprise me with her actions. I did my usual boner to her butt touch during her dish washing and she turned around and told me she'll jerk it to satisfy my behavior. I pulled it out and she began to jerk it until I shot out. That was the start of her getting down exposing her breasts and her watching my cock shoot out my sperm onto her tits while I jerked it.
Then one evening while I was on my lap top she sat next to me and slipped her hand in my shorts, "Show me the pics that excites you the most." I pulled up several mature women with giant breasts. "They sure have huge tits!" and she said she wanted to see my cum that I wanted to put on them. She started to wack me off, "Cum baby! Cum!"
At first I enjoyed all this, but it got out of control. She would jerk me in the bathroom while I tried showering. She would call me into her room and ask me to cum over her hairy kitty. We would web cam with her pulling my cock to show others what I had in me. I'm tired of jerking off in my house and my dick is starting to get sore from all that stroking. She needs mental help.

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  • You are very lucky and should enjoy. My mother beat my ass for masturbating. Although I enjoyed being whipped by her. Sure wish she liked seeing me cum though. Lucky son of a bitch you are.

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