Pregnant white wife

My wife loves to have sex with black men. I love the fact that she is willing to do what feels good and what she wants. I really want her to get pregnant by a black man so everyone will know the truth about what we do.

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  • My wife likes to get laid by black men and got pregnant by one of them. Needless to say panic set in. Do we abort, do we say she was raped. Do we try hide the fact that she is knocked up and say we adopted? Well her bf took away all of the options by telling everyone he knocked her up. She had his baby and he is five years old now. Since then we have a baby between us and maybe we will have one more. Lets see whose turn is it to breed her. Mine I hope.

  • My white wife has had two babies from her black lovers. All of our friends and family know the lifestyle we live. Some hate it and others don't say much. I don't care I love my wife and our kids. There is nothing better than a happy wife that gets pleasure whenever she wants. She is the definition of black cock slut and I love it

  • One of those big cocked black men will make her their whore like my wife.

  • Too late she is and will always be a black cock slut and she loves it

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