Subtle but blatant flashing

So here we go .. I am engaged.. however my fiancé’s sister stays with us. In the evening I wear short pants that are baggie when relaxing on the couch - perhaps watching a movie or series or whatever . She normally sits across from me at an angle .

Sometimes when we are watching alone - I subtly place my leg up in a comfortable position and pull my boxers to the one side which totally exposes my balls - and I know for a fact that when she gets up or looks on my direction - that she would see . I do This in such a way that it seems like it’s just a mistake and that I hadn’t intentionally flashed her . I also put my other leg straight and put my shorts in such a way that she would also see my dick .. which I know she also has noticed - but again - in a very subtle way .

I would love to take it further and further in terms of obvious but discreet flashing if anyone knows what I mean ? How else can I get her to notice and how do I know if she doesn’t like it ? She seems to have noticed both times and I’m about 80% sure she is enjoying it .. lol

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