Used To Punish Mom

it started out to be embarrassing but it turned out to be delightful. Grandma told mom and me to come over to her house. She wanted to talk and had something to show mom. When we got there grandma led us into her bedroom. Then she snapped at mom, "You're a slut daughter-in-law!" 'What makes you say that to me!" mom yelled back. Grandma took out a shoe box out of her dresser and handed it to mom. I could tell mom felt guilty. "Where did you get these receipts and pics!" as mom shook the box at grandma. "I have people that don't want me to get hurt and look out for me slut!" Then grandma grabbed the box away and said that she's getting ready to show the box to dad for what kind of wife she is, a cheating slut! It was embarrassing to hear all this. I wanted to leave but grandma told me she needed me to punish mom.
I couldn't figure out how I was going to punish mom. "How can I make this right with you?" she said to grandma. "You're going to let my grandson fuck you slut!" I was stunned by what grandma said. "You're crazy!' mom yelled. "Ok then, my son will get this box tomorrow." grandma said. "Ok! Ok! I'll do it! screamed mom Then grandma told mom to undress herself and for her to undress me. I wasn't expecting this and only had a soft dick. "Let me see you suck his dick to get it hard for you." grandma said. It was embarrassing to have grandma watch and having my mother give me a blow job but my dick hardened.
I was told to fuck mom doggy style. I slipped my rod into her and mom was forced to say, "Fuck me! It feels good!" My dick seemed to swell up more hearing that. Grandma exposed her saggy breasts and was playing with her nipples. "Fucking your mother is really turning you on. Tell her she's a slut!" said grandma as she jerked my cock in and out of mom's cunt. Mom's juices started to flow. "I'm yours baby! Your cock is better than your dad's. "Eat mommy! Taste her juices!" while I was face sat by mom, grandma was jerking and tit fucking me with her saggy breasts. "He sure has stamina." grandma said and mom agreed.
Grandma told mom that she won't say or tell her son that mom was a slut if we play together now and then.

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  • What the FUCK is psychologically wrong with your entire family?

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