Wife watching

Why do men want to see there wife's have sex with another man or men sometimes with large cocks or sometimes being humiliated , What do you get out of it , Its crossed my mind more than once I'm thinking of talking my wife into it , I'm not sure what I would get out of it , Tell me the good side and the bad side of this

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  • Her real reaction from being stretched and his cock hitting all those deep spots that small cocks tend to reach. Trust me you’ll see it in her eyes

  • It's like watching a porn vid and getting to fuck the star.

  • Men want to know their wives are desirable. There is always some jealousy which enhances the experience

  • Being open, and aboveboard works best, believe me. Be considerate of the third person, don't use them like a toy, to disregard later.

  • My wife and I have talked about this for the most part while having sex. Sometimes when we go out I will ask her to wear some type of top that might give a guy a nice look at her chest, Over time we have had a lot of fun and had great sex afterwards. But as time has gone on, and found someone that was really enjoying my wife outfit, I found that I might want her to blow him or have sex with him. We have yet to have that happen, but the thought somehow has been exciting.

  • It hits at the evolutionary idea of sperm competition.

  • I have a small penis (just under 4" hard) and love watching my wife with other guys who have an average or large cock. Despite what many might think, I am not into the humiliation aspect of a cuckold relationship such as we have. The pleasure and excitement I experience from watching her with other guys is indescribable as is the pleasure she seems to be experiencing when with other guys. She and I both had no clue about the sexual pleasure and the sheer number of orgasms she can experience because of cock size. I know a lot of people out there say size doesn't matter but after watching my wife with well hung guys, I think they are fooling themselves. I am fortunate in that she has never denied me nor threatened to leave me for someone else but I am sure that also depends on the type of relationship a couple has.

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