I still want to do Mom at 93

I have had a life-long sexual obsession for my mother. I found that when I recently visited her, when I saw her getting ready for bed, I became erect and thought about wanting to have sex with her.

I have viewed a lot of "granny porn" and have seen some pretty elderly women engaging in various sexual activities. If they can do it, why cant Mom?

Sure, her boobs aren't full and supple like they once were. Her pubic mound has lost the fiery red it once was. And her bottom isn't the beautiful heart shaped curvy ass I used to love to spy on. But I'd still like to suckle her breasts and slip my p*nis into her. I'd have to lubricate her and be slow and gentle as I penetrated her. That would be good. Nice and slow, so it would last a long time. And there would be no issue with me ejakul8ing inside her. Couldn't get her pregnant. Dang, gettin' hard just thinking about it.


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  • Old women appreciate fucking more than younger women because they don't get it as often, so they put more into it.

  • My mom and I are still at it she is 88. She had me early, at 16. When I was 15 and she was 31 we made love for the first time.

    57 years later we are still at it twice a day ,mornings it regular sex and night anal sex. Mom always had a thing for being ass fucked. We go 69 after lunch every day.

    We also have a daughter and son together. Our long lives have been prefect.

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