PE humiliation

In middle school PE class we had a coach named sidle who was somewhat of a sadist. He would pit big guys against little guys in the gym for basketball and say " anything goes". I was a little guy and got fisted a number of times. Also some of us little guys had our gym shorts ripped off. Coach laughed at how our privates swung freely as we were forced to run up and down the court.

Once when he was unhappy with how the PE game went that day, when we came in to change, he made us all strip naked and crowd into the locker area. He directed a crippled boy to direct us in doing squats for punishment. We lost respect and sympathy for the boy, as he got as much perverse pleasure as coach Sidle did at our painful embarrassment.

We boys showered naked together, and sometimes would get grabbed or poked if we bent over to get the soap. The coach would sometimes stand in the doorway and encourage that conduct. He would speak insultingly to some saying "fat butt" or " tiny Dick" or "B.B.balls"

One time he called me out of the shower naked and wet for a paddling over some exaggerated infraction. He got those still in the shower out to join those getting dressed to see me get a bare butt spanking. I was not allowed to dry off or cover myself as he lectured me in front of my fellow students. Worse, fear and an adrenaline. rush caused me to have a full erection! "Now turn around and bend over...I want all these boys to see what happens to your white butt"

The wooden paddle stung like crazy on my naked wet buttocks. I knew everyone could see, with each blow, my wildly swinging Dick and balls...and the growing redness of my cheeks. Through misty eyes I could see some of the still naked boys were trying to hide full blown boners...only adding to my already intense mortification . this was a humiliation that continued with me throughout school. That coach was promoted to high school coach and was well thought of by those who did not know...or believe...what he really was.

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  • My parents sent me to an all boys boarding school and one of the priests there would give out punishments in the form of swats. I ended up having to go for the first time and when I was in his office he told me to drop my pants down to my knees. I did so then without any warning at all he pulled down my underwear, he told me to put my hands on his desk and he then spanked me like two or three times. The last spank he left his hand on my ass and began rubbing it then in one quick motion his hand went down between my legs and started groping my balls. He asked me to spread my legs out further and his hand fully gripped my cock and he began stroking it roughly. I just stared down at his desk for a few minutes while all of this was happening. He then grabbed my hips and told me to turn around while he was twisting on them, when I did so he just opened his mouth and sucked in my cock fully. I came in no time at all and he never quit sucking on me the whole time, I was standing there barely able to keep my legs straight for quite some time until he stopped. He spanked my ass again and told me I better keep myself out of trouble but that did not happen. He would write me up for anything he could and I would have to go back again where he would spank and suck me, I never understood why but I also never told anyone about it.

  • That’s terrible

  • Really happened to me...unfortunitly friendS still remember

  • Total BS

  • NOPE! REALLY happened in PE class

  • Toro caca !

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