Daily oral with Daddy

It happened again. For the 5th day straight Dad and went 69. I'm 15 and since Monday afternoon after school we have gone at it.

I never wanted cock before, but now that's all I want. He just sat next to me and opened my pants and started sucking I came fast and he swallowed.

He said you try now. I was scared but took his cock in my mouth. I found I loved the feeling. 10 minutes later he came in my mouth. I swallowed and nothing ever tasted so good to me.

Since Monday I have slept in his bed and we have oral several times each night and before school.Last night he took my anal virginity and then I ass fucked him.

I'm addicted to cock now. And love incest with Dad.

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  • Update. Dad job shut down because of Corona and my school last Thursday. We have been in the house since that night. We have plenty of food. And time for Daddy/son loving.

    We have not been dressed since 8pm on Thursday, naked with Dad all the time, Dad can go and go multiple times a day like me. We have 69 at least 6 times today cumming in each other's mouths.

    The past weekend it was constant anal. We took each other's ass dozens of times.

    I want nothing more in life than to have Dad cock in my mouth or ass. I could live like this forever. We don't care about anything else but each others cock and cumming in each othet.

  • OOOHHHH!!! you lucky boy, wonderful, I can imagine the sexual thrill you are both getting as you indulge your love for each other by drinking your love juice and being joined at the buttocks by your eager cocks.

  • Wish I could join in id love to have a dick in my ass and mouth and swallow cum

  • I'm the youngest boy in my family now 18. Dad and my older brother got me hooked on cock. At 12 they both took turns sucking me and having me suck them. By 13, I was addicted to swallowing cum.

    I am a complete bottom and usually suck one off as the other fucks my ass. I love having cum in my ass and mouth at the same time!

  • Same thing I said above

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