Should I give in?

I have an older (much older) half sister from my dad's previous marriage. She's almost twice my age, I'm 23 and she's 41. We weren't very close before, and I don't want to get into the specifics of how it happened, I'll just say that her being recently divorced and my being broke led us both to sharing a roof with our father during the quarantine.

I had rarely socialized with her as a sister in such a day to day context before, so at first it was weird but made me realize a few things. First, that she's gorgeous. Second, that we have mad chemistry. We get along well, and over the last few months we started growing closer bit by bit, to the point that our father would go to bed and we could continue talking and drinking for hours and had a blast.

Blame isolation and accumulated horniness or whatever, but I began to feel seriously attracted to her, to the point of jerking off thinking of her. I know it's a morally grey but mostly black area, but I'm betting on the truthfulness on at least some of the success stories I've read here to seek advice, because I feel this may be reciprocal. I'm not sure if it was always this way and I just hadn't noticed, but it looks that she's being overtly more sexual towards me, being kinda flirty, leaving her room's door open while working out in tiny or tight outfits, letting herself be seen in just a towel. Her room is next to mine, and I'm pretty sure I've heard her masturbating for several nights now. I don't know if it's advisable to be more forward and risking making things VERY uncomfortable for the remainder of the quarantine. Even if I decided to give in, I'm not even sure how I would approach this... any suggestions?


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  • OP here.
    Wow... so many comments. Just wanted to come and say that I just let things slide and fall into place. One night not much longer after posting this, a chat over some wine turned sexual by her initiative. Less than an hour later we were making out on her bed. She was hesitant at first but we gave in and had sex for the first time. She's been on birth control for hormonal reasons, so we get to go bareback and it's INCREDIBLE.
    Opportunities to fuck are hard to come by, though, as the house isn't exactly big and our father is a light sleeper unless he passes out from drinking, so we treat him to some beers often. It's well worth the trouble, though: I told her yesterday she's the best sex I've ever had and she says it's likewise. If you have the chance to be in an affair such as this, I highly recommend you go for it.

  • That's great! Glad you and your sister got it together. Congratulations!

  • There is only one way to find out walk into her room at bedtime naked with a hard on, she will either invite you in or kick you out, you want to find out

  • I agree show her your dick

  • That may be a bit too forward but you never know! She is clearly interested.

  • If my sister wanted to have sex with me, I wouldn't hesitate! I've wanted to fuck my sister since she was a teenager. She is now 34 and given the opportunity I would fuck her brains out!

  • Do like Nike says...just do it, you'll only over think shit if you don' she's only a half sister, soooo you're all good,I had a relationship with my twin, we have a son together and although we aren't together any more..I can honestly say that no relationship will ever match up to her..I still miss her..soooo..just do it!!!

  • Mate, yes I am Australian, On three separate occasions in my life I have had the chance to fuck 3 very nice women all married, I saw the signs just like you are getting and didn't act on them. Biggest regrets of my life. What she is doing suggest she wants you. Don't fuck up like I did.

  • I spent some time in a foster home when I was 12 and 13. The people that took me in had 2 daughters. One was 15 and the other 17. I thought both of them were cute but I always kept my distance and never flirted with them. The house we lived in had 4 bedrooms. 2 up and 2 down. They put me up in the bedroom next to the 17 year old. I guess they figured that would be safer. I'm laying in bed one night and I hear soft whimpering like she was crying. So I get up and go next door to see what is the matter. I walk in without knocking and find the girl on her bed, spread eagle with a vibrator in her snatch. I apologized and tried to leave, but she stops and tells me to watch her. I stay and watch as she plunges this vibrator in and out of her. So I'm thinking hey, I'll fuck a 17 year old girl, but when I start to move towards her she stops me. She tells me she will scream if I come any closer, and that I need to stand there and watch. So I pull out my dick and start jacking while she's doing her thing. I made a mess on the floor and then turned and walked out.

  • Good. Make her clean it up.

  • If you heard her masturbating, she is horny. She probably wanted you to hear her. Next time you hear her masturbating, go into her room naked with a hard cock. Mount her and shove your cock in her pussy and start fucking her. She'll be glad you did.

  • If she can hear you masturbate in your room, moan her name. Or if you hear her go to her room and ask if she needs a hand. Get your face and cock in that girls pussy as soon as you can!

  • You are such a dork. Grow up. She needs a real man and not a coward like you.

  • I don't see what makes this person a dork. They are clearly interested in each other.

  • I bet your dad is banging her while you are pondering what could be. Don’t be such a pussy. She doesn’t care about you. Nobody does sissy.

  • From what he writes that clearly isn't the case

  • Start drinking with her and then tell her when you get drunk it’s like truth serum for you. From this point on you have a built in excuse- you were drunk, but don’t really get drunk. Then this is key- steer the conversation towards really hot sex and tell her you’d like to lick her asshole .

  • Ignor

  • Like her asshole... tell her that you want her to lick your asshole. Then tell her that are gonna call daddy to help you take food care of her

  • Ignor again

  • That is not constructive. What are you a kid or something. Weirdo

  • Your momma didn’t ignore my dick up her ass

  • Wow, you're sure good with insults NOT. Now everyone is laughing at you! Lol

  • Laughing at you and with me...remember you had my dick up yours too?

  • Did i, I thought it was an itch??

  • You confess that you had my dick up your ass. With that huge black hole in the middle of your ass, everything is an itch.

  • Zzzzzzzzz

  • Why not just talk about this post??

  • Yes give in. Come up behind your sister and take her tits in your hands. If she doesn't tell you to stop, start kissing the side of her neck and start pinching and pulling on her nipples. Then take her to bed and fuck her senseless.

  • Jack off thinking of your half sister. Call out her name multiple times when you're shooting your spunk on your belly. See what she does and play it from there.

  • Your not sure how to approach her its very simple but a bit extreme, show her your hard dick as if by accident, and you will know for sure

  • This is why you'll never have sex with your or anyone

  • I say go forward with an “innocent” approach. Leave your door open while you are changing after a shower. Let her see you half naked and see how she responds. If you notice her looking and acting interested then take the next step and maybe “accidentally” leave a door open while you are playing with your cock or not hear her walk up while you are stroking one out. Make sure you are naked and easily visible when she catches you. Then depending on how she responds take it from there.

  • I think that's the perverted and immature approach. This is where alot of people go wrong and see their efforts fail. Let me put it this way, you wouldn't be like this with other girls so why with your sister. If people want to have sex with their sisters, you have to have a plan and be smart about it. It should be a step by step approach like spending time together, flirting and being affectionate. Always be the person your sister can depend on. You have to push the boundaries a bit at a time.

  • I don't know of anybody locked down, sounds like BS

  • I really think you should let her make the first serious move

  • Pussy not sought after is pussy lost.

  • Let me compliment you on a well-written post. But, let me caution you about moving forward with any sexual relations. It's something you can't undo and may cause a rift in the family dynamic during a really bad time in our world's history. It's not worth risking family contentment just to slake your lust. Or, her's.

  • I completely disagree with this. A cautious approach is recommended but if it is a mutual attraction then theres nothing to stop you having a sexual relationship. This interaction can strengthen bonds and be very fulfilling. There's no better time to show your sister love and affection!

  • Never an easy situation. But it sounds like the attraction may be mutual. Just be careful because sometimes what we see as signs may not be what it seems because of your strong attraction to her. My advice to would be keep spending time with her and open up to her a bit at a time for example, tell her you feel very close to her now and she makes you very happy. After saying this hopefully she will be open with you as well. Give compliments about how she looks and be more affectionate with her eg hugs and kisses. See if you can sneak a kiss on the lips. During hugs put your hands on her bum very briefly and see how she reacts.
    The best thing to do is take it step by step and test the boundaries. Don't forget she may take the lead and take things further! Importantly, don't be a perv and be respectful of your sister. One more thing use birth control!!

  • Wait until you hear her masturbating inside her room. Knock at the door and tell her you got her favorite drink, and ask if you can go inside. If she wants you, she will let you in and fuck your brains out since she will be super horny for not being able to get off.

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