Drunken wife's regrets

My wife Molly and I went to my friend Dan's house to celebrate his birthday. He's the same age as us (34) and divorced, but his girlfriend Iris was there, as were two other of his guy friends. Just a small gathering.

We had a great time talking, enjoying the food, and drinking wine like it was water. My wife Molly and my friend's girlfriend Iris really hit it off, joking and ribbing us guys for, well, being guys who talk incessantly about cars and sports and shit. As it got later we had the music going and we danced with the girls, nothing out of the normal. Then the girls danced together and they were pretty smashed, laughing and stumbling a bit. Iris made a comment to Molly that she smelled good, and gave her a little kiss on the neck. Molly just closed her eyes, tilted her head back, and let her. All of us guys were like "Whoa, did you see that?" The girls laughed and Molly looked at me and asked if that was okay. I shrugged my shoulders as if to say I guess that's fine. Then Molly planted a kiss on Iris's lips and they started making out.

It was hot to watch. In our 8 years of marriage Molly has never hinted that she liked women, but maybe it was booze talking. Iris asked her if she had ever been with a woman. My wife replied "No," and Iris asked her, "Can I be your first?" They both looked at me for approval, and I just said, "Yeah, go ahead." My buddy Dan was okay with it too.

Molly hopped up on the pool table, hiked up her mini-skirt, and Iris peeled off her panties. We all got a nice view of Iris eating my wife's pussy. After a few minutes my wife flushed bright red as she came, and Dan finally said, "Dudes, I can't take this anymore" and pulled out his dick while moving behind Iris, who had her leggings down to her knees. He slipped right into her pussy from behind.

I jumped onto the pool table and Molly gave me head. After a bit, Dan asked if it was okay to switch, as he wanted Molly. I said it was okay and then asked her, and she drunkenly whispered, "Yeah, that's okay, I just want to be fucked."

Dan, me, and the two other dudes there took turns on Molly and Iris for about an hour and a half. We busted more nuts than an army of chipmunks. Molly finally said she was tired out and "done" so I said we'd check out and go home. She said she had five orgasms. When we arrived home, she went to sleep immediately, not even bothering to wash up.

The next morning she slept until noon. She was sore and hungover. I asked if she had a good time, and she just rolled her eyes and said, "That was a lot of sex. I don't know." I asked if she would do it again, and she said "No, I think I already regret last night, as in more than a little."


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  • Sounds a bit like my drunken regret, not my wife’s. We got drunk with a friend and had a threesome, mostly he had sex with my wife while she sucked me and I jerked off. I fell asleep and they had sex three times that night. Woke up with me on the sofa and then naked in the bed. They had sex again in the morning and took a shower together after before she made us breakfast and he left. I wanted sex but she said she was too sore.

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  • This reminds me of the early days of me and my wife's relationship. We weren't too serious to begin with,just fuck buddies. But she began tagging along when I went to my friends on a Friday or Saturday night to drink and get high. I can't remember how it got started but we began fucking her. Taking turns or double teaming her. It was a regular occurrence almost every weekend for about 3 months. But then she said she didn't wanna do it anymore but cuz she had feelings for me,so we got together. She was a slut but a damn fun slut so I didn't wanna give her up.

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  • My mom gets horny when she's had plenty to drink, so I try to get her drunk as often as I can. I can just tell when her eyes start looking a little bloodshot that I won't have any resistance from her. I lead her by the hand to the bedroom removing what little she usually has on around the house. I fuck her for an hour or two, usually in missionary position, but she still moans like a whore when she as an orgasm.

  • My in the closet babe bi wife Niki and her babe girlfriend Jill do happy hour (till closing) every first Fri of the month. Niki gushes over 'big jugs" bikini girls at the beach "I'm a C cup with D cup envy -- that's all that is." The bar is just a block away, and Jill lives miles away -- To avoid DUI she sleeps with Niki in the spare room. "I don't want to wake you up." I hear sex sounds coming from their room. I sneak down the hallway to spy, but it's too dark to see anything, but it sure sounds like sex. I get a night light in the room "for safety"
    The next month they don't bother to unplug it. I see them naked doing the scissors trick. I head back to our room. an hour later I hear Jill moaning like a whore on dollar night. Niki is fucking Jill with her big dildo -- I only get half in Niki's little pussy, she forcing the whole thing in poor Jill -- showing her no mercy. The best part: to make nice she goes down on her. Jill leaves her load in Niki's mount, I leave mine on the hallway carpet,

  • I woke up one morning laying next to my neighbor Amber, it took me a minute to put together that I was in her bedroom. My hungover brain started putting together the night before and my body was telling me I had a lot of fun. I found a shirt to put on and walked back over to my house and saw my husband sitting on the back patio, he laughed at me and told me I looked like a little slut sneaking home after screwing all night. I laughed of course because I knew that he was part of it last night too but he filled me in on a lot more that I did not remember. No regrets though because we all did it together.

  • Many women are worried about being labeled as sluts for liking sex, so reassure her that you had a good time and that it was okay for her to have a good time too. She might have regrets, but it's only because she doesn't want to be labeled negatively.

  • She needs to know there is no reason to regret what she did, she enjoyed it and there is no reason to not do it again.

  • Totally agree

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