My wife, sister, sister in law and cousin.

My wife, sister in law, sister and cousin are all friends. My sister in law got divorced and they all wanted to bring her on a trip to celebrate her being free. I have a house in the Hamptons on long island. So we went out there for two weeks after the fourth of July. The second night we went to a party and my wife's friend asked her if she wanted to try molly. My wife bought a few grams of it for us to try. When we got back to our house my wife asked me to weigh it out to doses of .2g as she was told. We all took it and waited to see what it was like. My wife was first to feel it after a half hour then everyone else followed soon after. I was sitting out on my deck and my sister in law came out to smoke a cigarette. Everyone else came out side and my wife called me in the room. I went to see what she wanted. She closed the door and sat down on the bed. She asked me to lick her pussy cause she was really wet and excited. I started to do it for her and I got hard. I asked her to suck it for me and she was happy to help. My sister in law walked in with my cousin behind her. They saw us and laughed and left. We stopped and walked out to rejoin everyone. When we saw everyone they laughed at me and I went to the bathroom. Whatever they were talking about when I was in the bathroom changed the relationship between all of us from that day on. When I came back they were laughing and whispering. I asked what was the joke but they just kept looking at each other and making gestures with there faces. My sister told me that they were all complimenting what they saw. My wife said " they were laughing cause they said we should let them watch. Its ok to keep it in the family." I told her that sounded crazy and they all just laughed. I wasn't feeling the high so I asked everyone if they wanted to take another one. We all took it and about an hour later we were all really high. I went to smoke a cigarette and when I cwrnt back in the house my wife asked me if I could show my dick to her sister. That's when everyone else just started to get undressed. My wife said that she would be ok with sharing me. I asked everyone if that was really true. Cause I was really horney. My sister said no one is going to tell anyone. We all are ok with you fucking us all. My dick got so fucking hard and I felt like a weirdo. My sister got naked and they all followed. My wife started to suck me off and I was watching my sister in law finger her self. My wife asked me if I wanted to feel her pussy on my dick. She told me that she was going to be fine with anything we want to do. I lifted my sister in laws legs up and pushed it deep in her. I pumped it a few times and she actually came. My wife told me to give everyone a turn. My sister told me that she had been wishing I could do it with her ever since she saw it. I can't lie I was thinking it was so crazy. But as soon as I started to fick her I came alot. That's when I told my cousin to bend over and let me try her. She let me fuck her deep and I came in her just like my sister. My wife told me she was going to get more of that molly so we can all get crazy. They are all best friends and every time we go to the Hamptons we go together. We all fuck and suck the whole time. My sister told me that she wanted me to fuck her and cum in her for years. Its crazy how they all talked about me and I never knew. Its crazy but my wife said I can always fuck them all as long as I want as long as I never cheat. I just came in my sister in my living room watching my wife get licked by my cousin. My sister in law only lets me fuck her when we go to the house out in the Hamptons. But it is always something to remember.

29 days ago


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    • I want to fuck my wife's cousin Tiffany!! She's also from Long Island!

    • Brandon the Gum Throwing Loser

      I was just minding my own business until Brandon a fucking dumbass that never does his class work and is always trying to piss me off because he's an attention seeker and as we were watching a movie in class and Brandon's disgusting ass chews pieces of gum, wads them in a ball and throws them at me.

      He threw three pieces of gum at me and as much as I try to ignore Brandon the attention seeking troll. He threw a piece of chewed gum in my hair and I was pissed off so I threw my book at him and then he throws a book at me and I charged at Brandon's dumbass and the fight was on.

      I threw punches at Brandon and he started hitting me back as Brandon's desk fell and hit the floor hard as I started punching and kicking Brandon in the head.

      As our teacher tried to sperate us I grabbed the garbage can and tossed the garbage on Brandon and threw the can at his head and spit in his face and that's what he deserves for throwing Gum at my hair that it took me all fucking morning to look nice for all of the girls at School where Brandon is a fucking Dumbass who flunked last year and has a very stupid looking face and is always doing dumbass shit just to get attention.

      I got a 10 Day Suspension and i'm grounded too for that fight and me and my friends planned on going on a trip this weekend and now I can't go because of Brandon's dumbass.

      Fuck you Brandon you fucking dumbass, just because your fat mama dropped you on your head when you was born doesn't mean you take your insecurities out on a guy like me with cool friends and is popular with the ladies.

      Fuck you Brandon you Fucking Loser.

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