I didn't know that would ever happen

My wife hasn't seen her sister in years. She was in the air force stationed overseas. After 8 years of service she came back home. We told her that she was welcome to stay with us until she was able to find a house she would be happy with. After a month or so of her getting used to life without the military she mentioned that she has always wanted to try molly. She never took drugs and really didn't drink. She was always someone who took care of herself. My wife was the same way except she never served in the military. I on the other hand was always a wild child and have done many things that I probably should not have. So my wife asked me if I could find some molly for us to try together. I heard of it before but it was popular after my days of doing drugs and going out to clubs. I wound up getting some from a friend and he told me how much to use and how long to wait between doses. He told me to drink alot of water and stay out of the sun. He told me that it was a club drug and music was going to be something that we would want to be part of the experience. I thought that was all I needed to know and we were all set to try it together on our vacation. It was only the three of us at our house and we had beers, food, and everything we could ever want for a great time with family and friends. After a day of drinking and bbq we decided to start taking it as my friend told us. We each took the dose and waited for an hour before taking a second shot. Then we were told every three or four hours between the following doses. After the second shot we all started to feel like it was starting to work. It made us feel happy and it made music sound even better than it usually is. They danced and sang around the pool and jacuzzi and we all were having a great time. When the second hour rolled around we all noticed that our skin was sensitive and everything felt awesome. A simple touch or hug was noticably intensified. About two and a half hours into the experience my wife was joking with her sister and they were tickling each other and they were laughing like kids. We all felt very warm so we all decided to go in the pool or jacuzzi. They both went to change into swim suits. I just threw on trunks. They both came back out of the bedroom together and I was kinda thrown off. Both of them were in great shape but I never saw her sister in a two piece bikini. The military was good for her body to say the least. They sat down on the pool furniture. I kept looking at her sister and wishing I could grab her ass or play with her titts. I acted like nothing was iny head and tried to look at them without being a pervert. My wife kept adjusting her top and mentioned that her nipples were sensitive. She asked her sister if she was feeling the same. She rubbed them and quickly saw that it felt great. They both did it and they saw me watching them and they asked me if I was enjoying the show. I apologized but they both said that it was fine and it was all in good fun. I didn't realize that I had a half chub that was really easy to notice. When I walked towards the 2 of them sitting down my dick was at their eye level. Her sister looked right at it and told me that I looked really happy and pointed out to my wife that she was a very lucky girl. I didn't understand what she meant and asked what she was talking about. I was standing right in front of her and without any warning she reached out and grabbed it and shook it and said " this big fella" I just jumped back and my wife and her sister were hysterical while I couldn't believe that her sister just grabbed my cock and my wife is just laughing about it as of it's normal. I was just standing there while they were unable to stop laughing. I asked my wife if she realized what her sister just did. She said that she didn't care and her sister reached around from behind me and grabbed it even more than the first time. That made them laugh even more. Her sister said " that's a nice one why don't you just let me see it." My wife immediately told me " go ahead baby let her see it. Don't be shy" all I could say was " are you kidding me? " So my wife told me that it was ok who's gonna know it's just us" and she grabbed my waistband and pulled on it. She said " go ahead baby show her what you got" she pulled my shorts down a little bit and I asked her if she was serious. She immediately asked her sister if she wanted to see it and she quickly said "sure, flop it on out" I looked at my wife again and she said " we are waiting for the show get to it already" I took a step back and reluctantly pulled my cock out. It was super hard and I was just wondering what the fuck was going on here. My wife asked her if she liked it. She told her that it was very nice. My wife told me to come closer so she can see it better. I took two steps forward and my wife told me to let her see how hard it gets. I was thinking that this was a dream. And I asked my wife if she really wants me to let her sister touch it. So she said " it's ok it's just us. She is going to see it one of these days and she already grabbed it" her sister grabbed it with confidence and told her that it was nice and hard. She told my wife that it was making her wet. She kinda stroked it up and down and she told me to sit down. My wife told me to do what she says. And asked her sister if she was going to suck it to see how she likes it. I started to realize that we were all high as hell and I suggested that we take more. They both said go ahead and get it. I ran into the house and grabbed three more doses of it and I put them in each of their mouths. I looked at my wife and ask her if she was going to be upset because I really want her sister to suck it. She told me that she was really wet and excited to see her do it to me. And her sister came right out and told me that she had the exact same feeling. She told my wife that she can't wait to taste it in her mouth. My wife took her panties off and told sister to do the same. She quickly stood up and said she was going to take it all off. My wife followed her lead. Her sister pulled my shorts down and told me to take em off so she can have fun trying to swallow it. I was staring at her cunt and she asked my wife if she cared if I play with her. My wife laughed and told me if that I could do anything with her if she wanted me to do it. My wife looks at her and her sister asked her what if I wanted him to fuck me? My wife immediately said that I was going to wind up fucking them both and that she was going to actually enjoy it. I got so excited to hear that. Her sister just took my cock in her mouth and she really seemed to like it alot. My wife was playing with herself and asked me if I liked how her sister was doing it. I told her yes and she asked me if I wanted to fuck her. I ask if that was ok with her. My wife told me that she wants me to fuck her and cum in her the same way I do it with her. She asked her sister if she wants to play with each other for me. Her sister told me that she wants me to cum in her first. She lifted her legs and opened her cunt wide and told me not to be shy. She told me that we can do this as much as I want and that they can do anything with me as long as I don't tell anyone. I told her that I was so happy that she wanted to take this shit. My wife laughed so hard and said you are going to fuck my husband and I want to see if he has the balls to cum in your pussy in front of me. I asked her if she would be upset with me if I spoke freely and said what I was thinking. So she told me that she would let me do anything with her as long as I don't hide it from her. That made my life worth living. I grabbed her sister and told her that I had wanted to fuck her cunt since met her. I told them I would do anything for them. My wife watched me sink my cock into her sisters count and she immediately came ony dick. I fucked her so hard and started to kiss her and she begged for me to cum in her as deep as possible. I jammed it in and pumped her so full of cum. I pulled out of her and my wife told me to let her taste her pussy on my dick. . I came as soon as she moaned and told me she tasted good. This started a new life and we are all together as a family. I sleep in the same room with them both and they lick each other and kiss with no issues. We are all talking about getting pregnant at the same time. I started a fucking legendary time in my life. It's so fucking hott

14 days ago


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    • Did the sister have cunt that smell like herring
      Herring in brine or herring in cream
      My sister have cunt is herring in brine
      Wife sister is herring in cream

    • Dammm dude use paragraphs

    • Sorry I was drunk at the time

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