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Me and my wife tried molly together and loved it. We would have sex for hours and talked about maybe having a threesome or something. One night we took it and my friend came over to pick up what I got for him. My wife and I were just starting to feel it . When my friend Walked in my wife heard us talking and came to say hello. He was playing with a feather and kept putting it in my ear and neck. When she walked over to say hi he did the same thing to her. He kept doing it back and forth cause he thought it was funny how we reacted to it. He sat down on the couch and counted the money for what I got him. After he gave me the money he kept tickling us with the feather. He did it to her again and she said that it was making her wet. He apologized and said he didn't mean to do it like that. I told him to do it again and she reacted the same way. She said it was making her so wet and horney. I laughed and told him to do it again. He said he didn't want me to think he was trying to make her think anything like that. But I told him to do it again and I asked her if she was horney enough to try to suck his dick. She asked me if I wanted her to do that. So I told her if she wants to do it it's ok as long as I can do something with someone another time. She asked me if she wanted to do it would I be upset. So I told her If she wants to try it then I want her to have fun doing it. She said she would try it. I told him to pull out his dick and he asked me if I was sure. So I told him that I would come over when his girlfriend and him take it next time and she can do it with me. So he said it was ok. My wife saw his dick and asked me if I was sure that it was ok with me. I asked her if it makes her wet thinking about doing it. She said that she thinks it's hot and she wants to do it for me. She grabbed his cock and was touching it and looking at it. She smiled and asked me if she could really taste it. I told her to go ahead. She licked it and started to feel comfortable with it. She got into it and started to enjoy it. She asked me if she could make him cum. So I told her to do what she wants. She said ok and went to work on it. She really likes to suck dick and she never did anything like this before. He told her that he was going to cum and she just went harder. He started to cum and she didn't care about it she swallows everything in his dick and then looked at me and said that she thought that was so hot and that she was dripping wet thinking that she was allowed to swallow his cum in front of me. My wife took her panties off and showed me how Wet they were. She asked me if she could show him her pussy. I told her I didn't care as long as she was honest with me. She told him to touch it and he said that this was the craziest thing he ever did. My wife asked him if his girlfriend would be cool with coming over and playing with us on molly. She told him that she would do anything that she would do. I was shocked but it made me so hott. She asked me if his girlfriend let me fuck her can she fuck my friend. I told her if everyone is cool with it sure. My friend was amazed. We all were not able to make sense of what we just started..... The next week I dropped off his molly to his house and hung out with them both. She took some molly then took a shower and she thought I would be gone when she got out. She came back in the room with panties and no top. She saw me and said she thought I was leaving. She didn't care that I was looking at her titts so I asked her if she wanted to have a four way next week at my house. She asked me if my wife was going to be ok with it. So I told her that it was my wife's idea. I told her that my wife wanted to eat her pussy and we can all fuck each other. I called my wife to let her tell her that I was being honest. My wife convinced her to do it with us. She hung up and asked my friend if he was going to be ok with her and me fucking. He told her as long as we can all do anything. She told me that I am going to cum in her and my wife wants him to do that too. She took her panties off and told me that my wife told me she wants her to suck my dick in front of her man. She got half way through the blowjob and she laid down bent over and told me to cum in her pussy while she sucked my friend off. I blasted off in her and she said she would be there next week. .... The following week was crazy. The girls lezzed out and my wife and his girlfriend both took our loads . We stopped taking molly years ago. But when we hang out we are free to do anything with each other. They are getting married in a month. We are all going to sneak around and fuck each other at the wedding. Lol. After they say I do we are going to fuck in the limo on the way to the reception. Lol. just because. Lol

11 months ago

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