Am I wrong

I have been chatting with women on line and sexting a couple that I know IRL. I have not met up with any of them (yet) even though I have not had sex with my wife for 9 months I still don’t want to physically cheat. However I miss feeling wanted and desired. Plus it shows me that there is nothing wrong with me it’s just the relationship. Not sure how much longer I can keep from cheating

Jul 16
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    • If your wife is 40 or younger; 1 of 2 things is happening.
      1. She is no longer interrested in sex.
      2. She is cheating on you.

      It's more than likely 2.

      Hire a private investigator to get proof of cheating; it will help you out during your divorce.

      Then have your fun with a hot young woman after the dust settles.

    • This guy is right except for the age. If she is 55 or younger and has no interest in sex with you, there is a high probability that she is seeing someone else.
      Happened to me, happened to 3 of my best friends. Cheating is just a symptom, they want a divorce but want you to initiate it.

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