Don't know what to believe.

My boyfriend(20) claims he's been getting raped by his older brother(25). Only here's the problem, he hasn't told their parents, he hasn't gone near the cops with it, and he still goes over to his brother's house whenever his brother calls with an excuse, even though it's usually flimsy as hell and I warn him he's just going to get raped again. I only found out about it because there was a cum stain in the back of his boxers after bro needed help moving a couch. I can't be sure he's even meeting up with his brother, let alone know just how willing he has been; I only have his word that he's being raped, and quite a bit of evidence that he doesn't mind it. Is anybody else experiencing something like this?

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  • He likes getting fucked bring the strap on in and peg him my wife does it to me and i love it and if u want to peg me then give it a try

  • At home, your boyfriend needs to start wearing a metal chastity belt that protects his asshole too. He needs to hide the keys of course.

  • There are many siblings who experiment with one another but talk to him calmly and maybe just say something like I just want to understand your situation. If it is rape then he will need you to help get some form of support and he'll need reassurance from you. If it's consensual sex then you need to decide how open your relationship is. If this goes against your beliefs then perhaps it's time to move on.

  • Yeah, that's sounds a little off. It's not rape if he is allowing it to happen and doing nothing to stop it. Sounds like he's just a closet poofster that likes the cock but doesn't want to admit it. The fact that he's doing it with his brother is another issue. Either way, you are the one allowing your boyfriend to fuck someone else, not too many women would allow that.

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  • Sounds like your boyfriend likes to take it up the ass.

  • No doubt in my mind either

  • Sounds like he likes dick. Maybe bring a strap on to bed on night to see what he does

  • Can you tell my wife

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