I was home alone last night. My husband is gone all week driving truck and won’t be home until Saturday night.
His brother stopped over to see him thinking he
Was home. I invited him in anyway and we sat around drinking wine.
Long story short we started kissing and next thing i know he was in me.
We fucked and he left.
Now i feel guilty . I wanted to that’s why i had him come in. I was always attracted to him.
I climbed on his lap like a bitch in heat.
Now i feel like a whore.


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  • You are.

  • You are...but that’s okay

  • You shouldn't feel like a whore, he didn't pay you right?

  • Sounds like your husbands brother came over to fuck you and just acted like he thought his brother was home.

  • You are definitely not a whore and you shouldn’t feel guilty. You were lonely and horny, you just took what you wanted. Nothing wrong with that

  • I've been in your situation more than once. Lonely and having a drink with a "friend " and before I know it he's all up inside of me...

  • Typical Married Whore.

    Fucks because she horny, then is sorry and afraid the Good Hard Working Guy she married will find out and dump her filthy ass.

    Burn in hell slut.

  • Woman feel the need to talk about everything gawd knows why. OP you keep your mouth shut and say nothing to your husband or anyone else. There would be unholy hell that it would cause your husband and his family.

  • You are just a woman that need some fun from time to time. Be discreet!

  • After work I stop over to my brother and wife's house during the week. I get there an hour before my brother gets home so I chat with his wife. When my brother gets home I stay and we all chat for about another hour, then I go home.

  • I guess he wanted you too then.

  • Well...that's kinda whoreish behavior

  • Well, you are a whore. Embrace it.

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