What's the fascination or appeal?

I've noticed a lot of guys, especially on here, like stealing, wearing, or sniffing women's panties. Sometimes used ones. Can anyone tell me what the fascination or appeal is? Like, aren't they uncomfortable, and smell weird? Or is that what makes it so great?

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  • I remember noticing stains in my sisters panties one day after school, then her room started to smell funny at times!! it was not long before i was nose first in my sisters pussy stained cotton panties instantly moaning from the biggest orgasm id ever experienced! I felt so ashamed afterwoods!! But the next day at school i was paying a lot more attention to how many girls openly sat cross legged with there vaginas eating up their under wear crutch..!! i was straight home to her room striped naked and found every pair she had worn then fantasised they were the girls from school i tried to last longer but couldn't i was amassed how intence the orgasms i was having!
    A few weeks later my sitter had a friend over after school they got changed then went out somewhere. I went into her bag and found her panties, they were the first wet panties id ever touched and made my hands smell so naughty i sucked on my fingers and could taste her bad!! Then licked her wet pussy soaked patch from the outside i remember how, so salty it was with a bad musky odour that i crave today! with one thing on my mine getting caught, i licked out the messy discharge like my lick was in her slit..

  • I don't know what the turn on is about soiled panties, to each his own. Before I was married, I did have a panty fetish of a different kind. I like to eat a women's pussy, and push her panties inside her pussy at the same time. Lots of women liked it and some didn't. I tried on every women who I had sex with for many years. My favorite memory is of a big overweight women who had a large ass. We were having a casual sex relationship for awhile. Her panties were really big and took a lot of material to make them. I got all of her panties up her pussy many times, she loved it as much as I did.

  • I don't know of too many women who would give up their panties so a man could smell them, so stealing is a part of the fetish. The other thing is smelling
    the area where a women's pussy emits pheromones turns males on and excites them. I know guys with huge collections!

  • I'll tongue your ass if you let me smell yours

  • Hard to say but I'll smell you dirty panties

  • I'm with you.... I don't get it. I can happily wank over a bra but don't get the used knicker thing. Personally it's news readers and weather girls that get me hard (that and flashing the mother in law!)

  • I never ever wear them but I love the smell of pussy so I do smell them often

  • When I was 12 years old, I used to smell my sister and mothers panties. Not sure why, just something about the smell that drives me wild. One time, my sister caught me jacking off with her dirty panties in my face, she dropped her pants and rubbed her pussy in my face while I finished jacking off. I came harder than I ever had, and, my sister got off on my face also. That was the beginning of a very hot relationship with my sis, and we still fuck each other, 20 years later, whenever we get the chance.

  • Hi there, for a number of years I have enjoyed stealing my friend's wife panties. About 2 years years ago she caught me and now allows me to take her used panties on occasion, for me it's the thrill of sniffing the used panties, I really don't know why it just feels very natural to me and a way of feeling close to a woman I find attractive. It's kinda like I worship her so much I am even like sniffing her used panties. Hope this goes someday to explaining.

  • The feeling i got sniffing my mates wifes dirty nickers was like the first time i had sex! i told my wife about it 1 week after it happened ,i had 3 pairs and 1 she had only just taken of 15min earlier and they were still wet!
    I rubbed the wetness on my lips tasting her vagina for the first time i then touched the spot were her vagina slit had been at leaking her goo with my cock that was weird but very naughty experience 10 minuts had past and i was ready to pop with as i held the stinky ones to my nose and sucked hard at the inside of the crouch till they were gagging my scream as i cum hard calling out her name!!!
    my miss is so keen to do it for real as just the words off sniffing another girls dirty panties as we have sex makes her cum hard and quick
    Keep it a fetish not an obsession!!!

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