Being Helpful

I'm a volunteer for this church group that helps the elderly in maintaining and fixing their property. I was assigned to this elderly senior who lived in a mobile home. I seal coated her roof and began to clear the lot overgrown with grass , shrubs, and small trees. Edna constantly served me snacks and treats. I never saw her dressed in anything but a robe and slippers.
She wore rollers on her sliver grey head. Her body was a bit wrinkled with blue veins showing. I gave her money to help pay for her medicine. She would step outside and watch me work in her robe and slippers. She doesn't know that I have seen her open her robe and lotion her breasts. She must of been hot looking when she was younger.
I was nearly done with my volunteer work for her when she invited me in to converse with her. She sat next to me. "It's nice to have a man about." she said as she placed her hand on my lap. She leaned towards the coffee table to get the pitcher of tea to refill my glass. When she did that her robe top opened slightly. She noticed that I eyed her. She leaned back and her robe top opened. She didn't bother to close it. There she sat with not so shabby breasts exposed to me. "I want to thank you for being so helpful." as she turned to me to kiss me. When she did that her hand moved from my lap to my privates. I guessed that she wanted to see if I was stiff, but I wasn't.
Elderly women never seem to excite me. She started to undo my pants. I decided to play along to see what to expect next. She pulled out my dick and played with it. It started to form some hardness giving me the urge to touch her tits. Edna looked at me and smiled. To my surprise she went down on my cock. I felt guilty because I was already involved with someone. Edna was turning me on. She removed her robe and I saw that her snatch was a dark hairy one while the hairs on her head was grayish, my cock got really rigid.
She straddled over me rubbing my cock on her pussy and then slowly engulfed it in her as she fed me her semi firm breasts. She kept squirming her cunt on my cock. Suddenly she started to talk dirty. I never expected a woman of her age do that. I ended up putting a cream pie in her.
Being a volunteer can be rewarding if you're open-minded.

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