In love with my niece

My name is Michael before I get started I just like to say a few things I know that people will judge me but let me say this before you judge me if you haven't walked on water lately then you have no dam right to judge me. I know people looks down on incest but if you were to read about NOA and how God had him build the arc. I know it says that God killed off all the people who were of incest. if that were the case if that really happened how are we us as human beings are here today. Think about it think about how many people got on the arc that NOA had built. There was just a few I can't remember the whole story exactly but go read it for your self. And you will learn more about it. I have been in love with my niece Taresa she is my favorite niece my best friend and she is also my first girl that I have ever fallen in love with. She might not be the first girl that I have ever had sex with but she is the first to have my heart. I love her more than anything more than anyone else more than I have ever loved anyone in my entire life and if I could marry my niece Taresa i would have married her a long time ago I know that she is my soul mate we always have lots of fun doing things together. I have always wanted to marry her I will share a little secret that me and Taresa has that nobody else knows about just in case you're a uncle in love with your niece or a niece in love with your uncle don't lesson to all that crap about if you have kids that they will be deformed don't believe everything that you hear trust me. Me and my niece Taresa we have a very handsome young man together and he is perfectly healthy nothing wrong with him what so ever. He is now grow living his life but he doesn't know that I am his father. He is a preacher and owns his own church I am so very very proud to have heard that. Taresa is now married for the 3rd time I been in and out of relationship's so many times I have looked back on the time when I was with my niece Taresa and how our relationship was. I have told her that I wish that I wasn't her uncle and she got mad and said why the hell would you say a thing like that for. I said if I wasn't your uncle then I could marry you. She said you would actually marry me uncle Mikey I said hell yes I would I would marry you every single day for the rest of my life I love you Taresa Lynn I love you more than anything else in the whole world you are my world. We still talk today she tells me that she still is in love with me and I told her I still feel the same. If you love someone don't never give up on them find a way to be together and always talk about your problems with one another don't go back and tell your friends your friends are not your friends they will destroy your relationship keep your relationship with friends different than the relationship you have with your partner and if family can't except the person who you are in love with cut them off to after all your partner is the only that should be your first priority in your life because she will always be there with you when no one else will love is love no matter how you look at it

24 days ago


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    • We are both adults now our son is grown man now

    • There is quite a few instances of incest episodes in the Bible. If you believe in the Bible then many of the so-called incestuous relationships are not unethical.

    • Cue up the banjo and sing, " Mikey my boy, we've found you a piece / Lo' and behold, it's your fetching niece / Forget about school, and that bible thing / Give that niece a wedding ring "

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