My brother in law

I had an affair with my sisters husband.
It went on for 3 years. At first it was exciting the forbidden fruit. We would have some intense sex. I would climax when i felt him unload in me.
We stopped after we almost got caught one time.
I have never had a orgasm that intense since.

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  • Used to fuck my SIL all the time. My wife would be mowing the grass, knew when she was going to come inside the house.

  • Haha, just returned from a cruise, shared a room with my sister, and her hubby. After a great night of dancing, no kids and lots of drinks we returned to the room, to have sex with our husbands, mine finished way too fast and passed out, then my sister was passed out, heard her snoring. My BIL got up and went to shower, he’s been wanting to get with me for 15years now, and I was still horny and all worked up, so I joined him in the shower. We made plenty of excuses to stay in the cabin to fuck. I never should’ve denied him all these years

  • Damn it i wonder would my wife feel like u felt if she gave me a chance

  • The sex was amazing, his cock was smaller, but it still felt great inside me

  • Enjoy it and post more about it so i can pretend your my wife sister whom i never got to fuck but we did hive each other oral a couple times

  • How did it start?

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