My Home Depot experience

I'm a contractor and I was sitting in my truck in the parking lot at Home Depot after making a purchase. So I'm sitting in the truck watching YouTube video on my phone when a car pulls up to me, a guy maybe 45-50 years old honks his horn as he is rolling down his window. Roll my window down and he just straight out ask me if I was interested in getting a blowjob. I sat there stunned, and speechless because it was something I wasn't expecting to hear coming from this guy. I was expecting him to ask me for a business card or if I could help him with some repair with his home, definitely not expecting an offer to receive some head. I guess you could tell I was analyzing the situation and he just blurted out I'll pay you for it. He stepped out of his car and gave me a small piece of paper with an address and the number $150 right below it. I looked over to him and said you are going to pay me $150 to give me a blowjob? He said yes, and as he got into his car said if you're interested I'll be at the at that address in about 10 minutes. I sat in my truck for a couple minutes wondering if I was getting punked and I kept looking around but the curiosity got to me and I went for it. So I go to the address went up to the door, he answered and sure enough we went into living room he told me to sit down and that he would handle everything. He unbuckled my belt and pants, pulled my pants and underwear down put his hands on my chest and started to rub my chest while giving me head. Up to that point I had only got him head from one guy and that was back in my freshman year of high school, I was a bit weirded out at first but eventually it warmed up to the situation and just sat back put my head back I allowed this random guy to give me head. He was really good at it and it almost seemed like he knew when I was getting ready to come and he would slow down and pay more attention to my balls to delay my orgasm. After about 10 or 15 minutes of this he went straight deep throat and I came right down his throat. After about another 10 minutes of his snuggling against my cock and balls kissing and cleaning he got up and asked if I wanted something to drink. He left to the kitchen as I started buttoning up my pants and brought me a Coke. As i took the first sip he reached in his back pocket pulled out a wad of cash and put it into my waistband. I left his house with my balls drained and $150 in my pocket. I've gone back to that Home Depot many times hoping to run into that guy again but it's never happened. I thought about going to the address but I am concerned that he may have a family or a spouse and I'll get him in trouble.

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