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Don't you think something isn't right sometimes ?

When you know it isn't right and at the same time it isn't wrong and you know you're waiting for her to come to you at night and when she comes to you, you turn down the red light and slow music plays and you lay with her for the night until the light of the next day and everything's alright, and you know that the night before was okay. it was so... [more]

A Use Of Words.

I read a post and comments and I see now that maybe I should've used a little Punctuation, like Periods and Commas You know because after reading the post and the comments I see that maybe I wasn't right to look at comments and maybe I should've separated my words a little more, because in a post it said I sound stupid and I have a limited... [more]

Саn I post this ?

Okay so does anybody say "THIS AIN'T MY FIRST RODEO" anymore ?

Does anybody have her phone number ?

I met a young woman a while back and when I asked her for her phone number she wrote it down, but when I called there was no answer, as it turns out I found out she gave me another number instead, and I read a comment and here's this if anyone knows Amy Heinz' phone number (she lives in Tn.murfreesboro (I don't know the area code) (her real name... [more]

1000 stroke challenge

So my husband and I recently changed from using condoms to the pill and he hasn't taken to the change well. It turned out he was using climax controlled condoms. So I have him taking the 1000 stroke challenge to increase his stamina. On the first day he had to stroke his cock 100 times without coming then 200 times on the second day and so. He... [more]

I was sittin' here lookin' at comments

NOBODY COMMENT, alright goddammit ¡¡¡, QUIT ¡¡ the goddamn comments ¡¡¡, I want them to STOP ¡¡¡ I will COMMENT on my own posts, OKAY, NOW,ALL OF YOU QUIT ¡¡¡

I'm a girl and Im bullying a guy, and I'm proud

There's this one guy, a shy awkward skinny unpopular ugly waste of space. Everyone bullies him, me the most because he gave my friend a black eye. And I love humiliating him and beating him, in front of people because it's not only funny but it makes me wet. He's so weak and defenseless, and one time he pushed me and my guy friends knocked him... [more]

¿ who are all of you and why do you comment

Its came to my attention that maybe certain people don't like my post. I don't mind if they don't, it's okay. To the following people I would like to apologize for my post. It seems that there was a miscommunication on the part of the person who posted. The words "I love you" and the name are not intended to be misinterpreted as being about a... [more]

Not satisfied

I'm not sure where else to go for this but I just want to get it out of my system, me and my boyfriend are high school seniors my boyfriend wants to have sex with me wearing glasses with a skirt and really high heeled wedges, he calls my legs sexy and says high heels will make my ass appear bigger but I've never worn any heels higher then 3... [more]

Do any women do Jessica Rabbit Cosplay ?

Hi, my name's Joseph and I was wondering are there any women that could impersonate Jessica Rabbit ? You know she's tall white has red hair and wears a red dress get back sometime with comments please Because if there are any women that can impersonate Jessica Rabbit I have some fun ideas

Awkward escort experience

I recently hired my first escort and it was one of the most awkward experiences of my life. I perused the site and found the girl I was interested in. There was no face pic but the body looked amazing so I called, inquired, and gave her directions on outfit and how to get to my place. A couple hours later, she pulled in my driveway, I looked out... [more]

Fed Ex guy just saw my dick

I was working out in the garage naked as always. I heard this truck pull up in front, so I thought I would check it out and see. I am expecting packages, but most of them come from the Post Office. I looked out the window and saw a Fed Ex guy start to leave with his package. I opened the door a bit and called out to him that I was here. He... [more]

Dental assistant

My dentist's assistant isn't the most attractive, but I still appreciated the feel of her boob on my forehead as she worked on my teeth today.

Shut the F### UP!

Out at a bar this weekend, a group of girls was at a table hanging out, and then they ended up moving to the bar. One was a loud troll who couldn't hold her liquor and was getting hammered and even more loud. It's amazing how one shrill voice can cut through loud music, but it did. She pronounced several vowels the same way, with that fucking... [more]

Todays poem

Rat Shit Bat Shit Suck your momma's tit Cock Suck Mutha Fuck Eat a Bag of Shit.

New Years BJ

New Years eve at corner of Randolf and State in downtown Chicago. Two other couple and my wife and I decide to celebrate the New Year in a crowd.
At midnight we all cheered and kissed the women around us. The crowd milled about for a few minutes.
I felt a hand on my crotch. I figured it was my wife. The hand started unzipping my pants. No one... [more]


I am in fourth grade and there is this girl she was very pretty and she was wear skinny jeans and so we were in line going to lunch this kid decides to grab her jeans and pull them down and she was camando. the kid wouldn't allow her to pull her jeans up. all the kids ran out laughing i i didn't. i grabbed the kid and picked him up off his feet... [more]

You won't believe this

Okay so I was walking along one day when I met my friend and she asked me if I would go with her to meet her friend and I said "yes, I would like to meet your friend" and she asked me if I'd ever watched anything that wasn't society's normal regular things that people do when they're alone. So I asked her "what do you mean not normal or regular ?"... [more]

Ruffles the French Maid takes a pie

Hi all, this is Barry again. Some of you have read some of previous confessions about my addiction to sucking other guys' cocks. Well, this confession includes some blowjob action, but isn't really about that. There is a couple that I get together with periodically to "play" with. I suck the guy off, the girl spanks me while doing it, etc. We... [more]


My husband was obsessed with going to a nude beach. Don't ask me why, he just was. He would ask me every summer if I was ready to go, and every summer I would say no. Until this summer. Call it dumb luck, blind fate, or a moment of weakness but when he asked last month I said yes. I didn't want to go full nude at first so I got a sexy see through... [more]


Hi Iim a17 year old girl who came home early from work last week and caught my dad in my mum's panties black tights and heels was the funniest thing I've ever seen he ran and has begged me not to say anything I'm not sure what to do it say any suggestions please

Algorithm ?

I'm not commenting and anybody isn't commenting ?

Tried to give myself a blowjob

I remember watching a porn video back in my highschool year's in the early 90s. It showed Ron Jeremy on the beach giving himself head before being found by Lovette. I thought that it was so cool that Ron could suck his own penis. My highschool mind immediately thought about giving myself oral sex. i tried to make the oral dream come true... [more]

Cock whore AND cumslut

I have a growing reputation for my insatiable craving to suck cocks, as much as possible. This reputation got my an invite to a kink party in New York over this past weekend. It was a kinky Valentine party and most people were in some form of costume. My friend Sara was willing to go with me, even though S&M is not really her scene. On Sara's... [more]

Masturbating in school

I know the title doesnt sound like much but it is
So i was kicked out of class because i was interrupting the teacher so he put me in a storage room which maybe was 10 x 5m big. After a while of doing my work i decided with my stupid 12 year old brain that i could jerk off right now so I unzipped the noodle in a room with huge ass windows two... [more]

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