Passed out roommate

My roommate in college was one of those guys that was a really happy drunk but most of the time he would drink to much and end up crashed on the floor. Four of us went downtown one night and we had to carry him up from the taxi to our apartment, once we had him laying in bed they left and I stood there staring at him shaking my head. I have always been kind of bi sexual but always worried about acting on it until this night.
I got his shoes off and something pushed me further thinking what if he woke up naked in the morning trying to figure out what happened so I stripped him down to nothing. I was standing there staring down at him again and wondered how someone could just stay passed out thru all of that undressing. I shouted at him a few times and nothing, not even a head movement. I reached down and ran my fingers over his cock and balls wondering if he would get hard. I walked into the bathroom and wetted down a wash cloth then went back and gave his cock and balls at least a good rinse off. I was rubbing and running my fingers over his head and he was not even stirring one bit from the stimulation, I leaned down and sucked on him a few times then gave him some serious head sucking and nothing. I really got into it and his cock started responding and getting erect so it got me more into it. It took some time but he finally came and I swallowed it down sucking away on him having the time of my life.
I checked on him in the morning and he looked like he had not moved at all but he was breathing so I left him alone and went out for something to eat. I arrived back home and he was up and looking a little fuzzy but alive, we made some small talk about the club we were at and a few other funny things he remembered. He then asked me how I got him up to the apartment and I told him, he then wanted to know how he ended up without any clothes on so I told him that he threw up outside between the taxi and the building so I just pulled off his clothes when we got inside the apartment incase there was something on them. He thanked me for looking out for him but he seemed a little uneasy about it, I wanted to see the look on his face so I told him after I got your clothes off you told me that you never have sex on the first date but a blow job would be nice. He started laughing and told me no way he said that to me and I laughed back at him and told him but you told me it felt great. He laughed some more and told me something about right like I would ever give him a blow job. So I guess in some way I did tell him what happened but he does not believe me.


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  • We would all camp out all the time in my friends back yard, I was about twelve at the time and the youngest of the four of us. We were all reading porn magazines that one of them took from his dads garage and joking around about sex. The lights went out late and as I was laying there when one of my friends to my right started feeling around and touched my arm. He dragged my arm out and laid my hand right on his hard on. I was so shocked I just left my hand there then started rubbing on his cock. I was stroking it lightly and could not help thinking about the stories of cock sucking and how turned on I was by the idea of it. I sat up and leaned over putting my face down by my hand, it was so dark I could not make out anything. I found his dick and started licking it then sucked on it slowly. He lasted like 30 seconds and shot his load right into my mouth, I kept sucking and ended up a little messy but used my shirt to wipe off my cheek. I enjoyed it so much that I did it all the time with all of them and they did not complain at all as I made the rounds in the dark sucking cocks.

  • My Sister in law is like that, drinks a lot passes out and nothing can wake her up. My wife was on the phone with her and she was complaining about her life and drunk, she fell down and my wife could not get her to respond so naturally I was asked to drive over at midnight and check on her. I opened the door and found her in the hallway, picked up her phone and told my wife it looked like she just passed right out leaving the bathroom. I told her that I was going to put her in her bed and cover her up.
    I picked her up and got her to her bed, pulled all her clothes off and ran my fingers over her body. I took out my cock and ran it around her lips and into her mouth a bit but figured I better not cum on her. I played with her pussy some more then found a night shirt for her and slid it on her. I covered her up and left, never heard a thing about it from either one of them.

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