All three holes

So, me and my girlfriend have been together close to 6 years. Our sex life in the beginning wasn't that exciting at first. I have always had a high sex drive, she doesn't get as horny as i do. Over time we worked on our sex, tried some different positions and a few other things. She's a chubby girl so she never really did cowgirl or much else. Mainly missionary or doggy. Dont get me wrong, her pussy is fucking amazing. Its always wet as fuck, she even squirts when I fuck her hard, and i love that she squirts all over my cock and balls. So recently we were messing around, she started out with me on my back, she's laying at my side to where i can play with her ass while she is sucking my cock. I stop playing with her ass and grab her head and start fucking her mouth real good. After a few minutes we switch and i start eating her pussy that's already wet, i slide one finger in her ass and another in her pussy while i suck her clit. I did this for about 10-15 minutes. Then she takes out her vibrator and plays with her clit, at this point im rubbing my dick head against her asshole, I slowly work it in.(we've been working on anal for a bit, her ass is super tight.) Once i was in, I slowly fucked her tight ass as she's playing with her clit, i fucked her ass until she had a crazy orgasm. After she was done screaming and shaking from that i pulled my cock out, i leaned in and kissed her and i softly asked if i could fuck her wet squirting pussy. She said "of course". I immediately rammed my cock right in and continued to pound it until she squirted, it was so intense i could feel her pussy squeeze my cock. This made me cum right away, i pulled it out and shot my cum all over her belly and tits..

I will say that was probably the best sex me and her have had together, her letting me stick my cock anywhere i wanted to was such a huge turn on. Going from mouth to ass, then to pussy was a fucking dream cum true. I only wish she was always this freaky. Im hoping one day to do a threesome, but right now i can't complain.

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  • My husband loves ass to mouth. I get it

  • If my woman ever did ass to mouth i would be the happiest man alive!!!😀.

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