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Caught in the bathroom

My sisters and I were all visiting my parents for the weekend. I brought my husband, one sister is single and the other has a boyfriend. My old room and my sisters (the one with the bf) share a bathroom that you can get into from both sides. After we went to bed my hubby and I started to fool around and when it got quiet we could hear my sister... [more]

Free Pizza!

My sister and I were home alone and really wanted pizza. Problem is we only had $20. She had a plan though and called in the order. When the doorbell rang she ran upstairs into the shower.
I told the guy I was short all the money and he said he couldn't leave me the pizza I asked him if we could have the pizza if I let him see my sister... [more]

Baby at an early age

I am a male and when I was really, really, really young I had a girlfriend who introduced me to sex. When we were doing “it” she told me this is how you make babies. At the time I thought “I don’t care, it feels good”.
The next day I started to wonder what it would be like if she had a baby. I had no idea what that meant but started to... [more]

A "little" problem.

I've been into my friends mom for a long time. You could probably call it more than a crush.
I jerk off to her pictures, I've masturbated with her dirty panties, mutual flirting, and I've gone as far as take a peep on her changing.
My worry doesn't stem from being caught or her knowing about the things I've done.
In recent times of hanging... [more]

Got straightened out

Last week we were putting up small square bales of hay. Dad has this older black guy named Willard as a hired hand. We needed some more help, and hired my 18 year old cousin that lives in town to help. He looks and acts like a girl, but can do a good job of hauling hay when he wants to.
Dad says he's more like a mare around a stud than anything... [more]

Hope the maid enjoyed the show

In Vegas a few weeks ago, we come back to our room after a day of drinking and gambling and I sit on the couch in the living room area our suite.
My wife comes out of the bathroom in just her CFM stilettos and thong and asks me if I plan on gambling again or would I rather just stay in and "lick her p...."
Pretty sure she was asking me and... [more]

When u look back on it

So my wife never did like the idea of nudism, & hated the thought of swinging,,,,,so she really counted herself out of the fun lol,,,,,I am both, but also a family man. Well I was.
A few years back on holidays in "bore a bore a". It was late, we had been on the piss all nite with my wife's parents & involved in one sided heated government... [more]

My lil sister found my "shaking" vibrator

So a couple days ago, I left my little bullet vibrator in the bathroom by mistake.
I went to go retrieve it this evening, and it wasn't there. Naturally, I immediately assumed my disabled little sister must have taken it by accident, nit knowing whwt it was. She was out, so I carefully searched her room and the bathroom, to no avail.
When... [more]

Cock whore AND cumslut

I have a growing reputation for my insatiable craving to suck cocks, as much as possible. This reputation got my an invite to a kink party in New York over this past weekend. It was a kinky Valentine party and most people were in some form of costume. My friend Sara was willing to go with me, even though S&M is not really her scene. On Sara's... [more]

O killed the bird

In between classes sophomore year, I would meet my girl at her apartment. She lived alone except for her parakeet. If there was time, we would get busy. This one time she rode on top of me on her couch. I wore this thing called a penis ring that her friend had bought for her. It's hard to describe. Like an accessory to a condom. I didn't think it... [more]

Dental assistant

My dentist's assistant isn't the most attractive, but I still appreciated the feel of her boob on my forehead as she worked on my teeth today.


It's 1 AM, I live in a college town where people are partying all the time and sometimes I overhear some crazy shit. Anyway, just now there was some big verbal fight between some of them, then a big crash, and now there's this drunk bitch crying loudly, more arguing.... God it's so entertaining.

Even women have that weak spot.....

I have done something terrible. If you get the title then you know I pretty much ran my crotch in to a table, being a woman, I thought it wouldn't hurt. Then I sat down....

Wong Ho

30 years ago, when I was in the US Navy, me and some buddies were partying in a bar in Subic Bay, Phillipines. My buddy, Bob, had just came back downstairs after fucking one of the bar girls. He sat down at the table with a funny look on his face, so I asked him what was up. "What the hell does Wong Ho mean" he asked. I said "Wong Ho?, never... [more]

1000 stroke challenge

So my husband and I recently changed from using condoms to the pill and he hasn't taken to the change well. It turned out he was using climax controlled condoms. So I have him taking the 1000 stroke challenge to increase his stamina. On the first day he had to stroke his cock 100 times without coming then 200 times on the second day and so. He... [more]

Shut the F### UP!

Out at a bar this weekend, a group of girls was at a table hanging out, and then they ended up moving to the bar. One was a loud troll who couldn't hold her liquor and was getting hammered and even more loud. It's amazing how one shrill voice can cut through loud music, but it did. She pronounced several vowels the same way, with that fucking... [more]

Sexy cousin

I have been in love with my cousin sincere i was a kid .I fantasize having sex with her,we would make out when were younger

Ruffles the French Maid takes a pie

Hi all, this is Barry again. Some of you have read some of previous confessions about my addiction to sucking other guys' cocks. Well, this confession includes some blowjob action, but isn't really about that. There is a couple that I get together with periodically to "play" with. I suck the guy off, the girl spanks me while doing it, etc. We... [more]

Listening to the Ladies Room

My office is right next to the women's bathroom at work. Up until a few years ago, there was only one bathroom at work. As more women started working there, the company put in another one. There was one big office next to the men's room, and they walled half of it off to be the ladies room. The remaining half is my office. However, they did a bit... [more]

Sluts counting

Hey why can't a slut count to 70....... because 69 is a mouthful

Hospital Sex

My wife had an extended stay in the hospital about 15 years ago and I stayed with her on a little cot as much as I could. One night about 11 pm, she suddenly got horny and said "Fuck me." I was really afraid of what might happen if a nurse walked in on us, but my balls needed relief, so I climbed up on her and got some pussy! We both slept a... [more]


Actually after thinking about it I laugh.
Larry and I have been in a wife sharing lifestyle for a long time and I only agreed to it after he told me he just wanted to watch without doing anything except taking pictures and helping out once in awhile and it has worked for years now and we have a very active sex life with me being shared once in... [more]

Drunk hookup

I went to a party with this guy we ended up getting so drunk we tried to walk back to his so we could crash.Half way back I got super horny and started teasing him whispering shit in his ear, biting his lip, rubbing his dick, flashing him my ass and tits and then I couldn't take it anymore and told him he needed to fuck me now. He grabbed my hand... [more]

She must have been playing with herself

Saturday morning my girlfriend had planned to go see her friend from work horse.
Her friend came in and I met her for the first time.
Before they left her friend said can I use your toilet before we leave, upstairs on the right.
After about 10 minutes my girlfriend said, she’s been a long time, yes it does seem so, another 5 minutes and my... [more]

Саn I post this ?

Okay so does anybody say "THIS AIN'T MY FIRST RODEO" anymore ?

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