Funny Confessions

My best friends drunken girlfriend

A few years back I was out with my best friend and his girlfriend. They were in town from Florida and staying at my place. We had gone to a local bar and his girlfriend got very drunk and embarrassing. We managed to get her home but my buddy was super pissed at her and wanted nothing to do with her that night. He went to sleep on the couch... [more]

Ruffles the French Maid takes a pie

Hi all, this is Barry again. Some of you have read some of previous confessions about my addiction to sucking other guys' cocks. Well, this confession includes some blowjob action, but isn't really about that. There is a couple that I get together with periodically to "play" with. I suck the guy off, the girl spanks me while doing it, etc. We... [more]

Cock whore AND cumslut

I have a growing reputation for my insatiable craving to suck cocks, as much as possible. This reputation got my an invite to a kink party in New York over this past weekend. It was a kinky Valentine party and most people were in some form of costume. My friend Sara was willing to go with me, even though S&M is not really her scene. On Sara's... [more]

Wong Ho

30 years ago, when I was in the US Navy, me and some buddies were partying in a bar in Subic Bay, Phillipines. My buddy, Bob, had just came back downstairs after fucking one of the bar girls. He sat down at the table with a funny look on his face, so I asked him what was up. "What the hell does Wong Ho mean" he asked. I said "Wong Ho?, never... [more]

1000 stroke challenge

So my husband and I recently changed from using condoms to the pill and he hasn't taken to the change well. It turned out he was using climax controlled condoms. So I have him taking the 1000 stroke challenge to increase his stamina. On the first day he had to stroke his cock 100 times without coming then 200 times on the second day and so. He... [more]

I left a Polaroid pic in her nightstand.

This is the days before d.i.c.k. pics. I was at at party in the 90s with my wife. The couple had a large house and it was filled, wall to wall, with people. The man was a successful car dealership owner/partner and the wife was a hottie, blond, big tits, and really flirty. She had made a drunken comment about her husband not pleasing her in... [more]

Caught in the bathroom

My sisters and I were all visiting my parents for the weekend. I brought my husband, one sister is single and the other has a boyfriend. My old room and my sisters (the one with the bf) share a bathroom that you can get into from both sides. After we went to bed my hubby and I started to fool around and when it got quiet we could hear my sister... [more]

Dildos and lots of them!

Awhile ago my mate ask me to help him move some furniture at his mums house, she was having a new carpet fitted in her bedroom.
My mate was running late so I started to take the draws out of the big chest of drawers to lighten the weight, his mum was telling me where to put them, as I took the third draw down she said "oh that one you can just... [more]

Hospital Sex

My wife had an extended stay in the hospital about 15 years ago and I stayed with her on a little cot as much as I could. One night about 11 pm, she suddenly got horny and said "Fuck me." I was really afraid of what might happen if a nurse walked in on us, but my balls needed relief, so I climbed up on her and got some pussy! We both slept a... [more]

My 16th birthday was the best one I ever had in my life

My mom put together a pretty great party for my 16th birthday, everyone I knew was there from family and friends. One of her close friends was there the whole day helping out with food and things she stayed until the end helping us clean up. I was standing in the kitchen at one point later in the day after quite a few people had left and everyone... [more]

A spanking from mom for spitting on ythe floor

When I was 6 or 7 years old, my mom and her best friend were chatting in our house. Mom's friend had her daughter who was about my age with her. I was trying to impress the daughter, so I spit on the living room floor. Mom saw me do this, so she took me by the hand and led me down the hall to my room. Mom closed the door and put me over her... [more]

New Years BJ

New Years eve at corner of Randolf and State in downtown Chicago. Two other couple and my wife and I decide to celebrate the New Year in a crowd.
At midnight we all cheered and kissed the women around us. The crowd milled about for a few minutes.
I felt a hand on my crotch. I figured it was my wife. The hand started unzipping my pants. No one... [more]

Awkward escort experience

I recently hired my first escort and it was one of the most awkward experiences of my life. I perused the site and found the girl I was interested in. There was no face pic but the body looked amazing so I called, inquired, and gave her directions on outfit and how to get to my place. A couple hours later, she pulled in my driveway, I looked out... [more]

Free Pizza!

My sister and I were home alone and really wanted pizza. Problem is we only had $20. She had a plan though and called in the order. When the doorbell rang she ran upstairs into the shower.
I told the guy I was short all the money and he said he couldn't leave me the pizza I asked him if we could have the pizza if I let him see my sister... [more]

When u look back on it

So my wife never did like the idea of nudism, & hated the thought of swinging,,,,,so she really counted herself out of the fun lol,,,,,I am both, but also a family man. Well I was.
A few years back on holidays in "bore a bore a". It was late, we had been on the piss all nite with my wife's parents & involved in one sided heated government... [more]

Hot Tub Oops

A while back I was about to get in my hot tub when one of the neighbors came over to borrow the mower. While he went to get it from the shed, I slipped into the tub. When he came back, he stopped to talk and I noticed he kept on staring at me a little more than usual. I mean it is nothing new about him seeing me in my bikinis, so I was not too... [more]

Good morning

Favorite way to wake up Husband take off my panties an get pussy as close to his face as I can then say "Time to wake up and smell pussy" he love it sit up and tongues my clit a bit then has to get up an pee then comes back and dose more stuff to me :) Awesome wife awesome life


My husband was obsessed with going to a nude beach. Don't ask me why, he just was. He would ask me every summer if I was ready to go, and every summer I would say no. Until this summer. Call it dumb luck, blind fate, or a moment of weakness but when he asked last month I said yes. I didn't want to go full nude at first so I got a sexy see through... [more]

Shut the F### UP!

Out at a bar this weekend, a group of girls was at a table hanging out, and then they ended up moving to the bar. One was a loud troll who couldn't hold her liquor and was getting hammered and even more loud. It's amazing how one shrill voice can cut through loud music, but it did. She pronounced several vowels the same way, with that fucking... [more]

Yep one reason I married him is

He is the only man I met that could fuck me right

A "little" problem.

I've been into my friends mom for a long time. You could probably call it more than a crush.
I jerk off to her pictures, I've masturbated with her dirty panties, mutual flirting, and I've gone as far as take a peep on her changing.
My worry doesn't stem from being caught or her knowing about the things I've done.
In recent times of hanging... [more]

Be careful what you wish for!

Ever wished you could have sex as when you want.
Let me tell you it's not the dream I thought it was.
I met a girl and we both got on like a house on fire!
First night of meeting her we are both having great sex, then again as soon as I got it up again! And so on.
In the morning sex again, soon as I was hard again, sex again and so on.
For... [more]

Fed Ex guy just saw my dick

I was working out in the garage naked as always. I heard this truck pull up in front, so I thought I would check it out and see. I am expecting packages, but most of them come from the Post Office. I looked out the window and saw a Fed Ex guy start to leave with his package. I opened the door a bit and called out to him that I was here. He... [more]

My lil sister found my "shaking" vibrator

So a couple days ago, I left my little bullet vibrator in the bathroom by mistake.
I went to go retrieve it this evening, and it wasn't there. Naturally, I immediately assumed my disabled little sister must have taken it by accident, nit knowing whwt it was. She was out, so I carefully searched her room and the bathroom, to no avail.
When... [more]

Listening to the Ladies Room

My office is right next to the women's bathroom at work. Up until a few years ago, there was only one bathroom at work. As more women started working there, the company put in another one. There was one big office next to the men's room, and they walled half of it off to be the ladies room. The remaining half is my office. However, they did a bit... [more]

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