What is wrong with the guys on this site...

I have posted many stories on this site that are absolute true and some that are bulk shit. Either that way the story police feel the need to tell you that they know even the true stories are bull shit!

Why the fuck do you even care? If you don't believe it then move on. If your life is so lame that you don't have any good stories to tell move on. I don't have to prove anything to you.

Find your favorite stories and leave the others alone!

1 month ago

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    • I agree completely. I post stories on here because I want to share them with like minded individuals, not to be judged

    • I was abducted by aliens and forced to rim Millard Fillmore

    • You too huh

    • Sorry u feel that way...I for one would impregnate my fat MILF sister in law..right infront of her drunk husband! But that's none of my business 😒 🙄

    • I agree to an extent. I mean who cares if a story is bullshit or not, the point is, can you as the reader relate. If so, then share your own story about what happened. In most cases where the OP is bullshit, the follow up stories are not. Just reading the story reminds of that adventure we had in our 20's. However, there are some stories that are sooooo far out there, it couldn't possibly happen to anyone in a million years. Maybe those people should use a little common sense before saying they fucked every woman in their girlfriend's family all in one night.

    • Because we come here to read real stories not bull shit fake ones. Now it is mostly fake stories written by the same dumb fucks trying to out do each other! They are so bad you can see right through them and know they are fake.
      Most of them are kids on this place writing such bull shit and they can't even write properly.
      Grow up and get some experiences and come here and tell us. We would rather hear the truth than clearly fake shit.

      Even the OP states they write fake stories.

    • I completely agree.

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