Other confession sites not as real!

I guess you can say I cheated on Naughty posts, I went and looked at other sites that people use to post their personal thoughts and experiences. I have to admit, this site has more realistic stories and better writers. With the exception of the goofs that have to write garbage in the comments, this site is the best I’ve seen.. of course there is room for improvements but that goes with everything.

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  • I'll say this, I entered a confession this morning, and it posted within two hours ! That's never happened before, here, or anywhere else. So, maybe that is improving.

  • I’ve notice some improvements myself, but it could just be a timing thing of when their available.. but it’s nice to come back, say the next day and read any comments...

  • Things are as real here as anywhere else. Plus you can swear, basically post or comment on anything here....and not get in any trouble for it. You cannot say that about many other sites. Enjoy the freedom! I'm not affiliated in any way with Naughty Posts or any of their affiliates.

  • The best part in here is all the bad speling.

  • It's quite a good site thats for sure, a great deal is fictisional but not bad reading for the most

  • If you think this is the best, you seriously need to get out more! 😂

  • What other sites are good? Any recommendations?

  • Newbie nudes you get to post nudes of yourself and get to see others nudes. You can comment on the pics also.

  • You’ll have to do a search, under article 1.8.9 I’m not at liberty to post them here.

    Happy hunting! But you’ll be back. lol

  • Obviously you don't read much if you think these stories are realistic. Most of it is made up crap with some clearly written by a few teenage boys. If you couldn't find any site better than this one, you didn't try very hard.

    Sounds to me like this post is from the web master who's trying to convince everyone his shitty web site is still worthy of visiting. What's the matter, viewers down so you having to write most of your own crappy stories now?

  • It's not exactly the Web masters fault is it now. People write the same rubbish and lack imagination. Plus readers can't be bothered to comment or posters don't reply.

  • Which was my point to the OP. Like you said, people write the same rubbish and lack imagination, and that is why the OP is wrong. This site is shit.

  • It's what we make it.

  • Very good point, the post are read more than the the comments indicate.

  • Yep. If everyone tried to comment it would make things a bit better or at least ask the OP questions,kinda challenge the validity of their post?

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